I need to get off the clonazepam…

It’s just zonking me out, and not doing much of anything really. I slept so deeply I thought it was the end of the day…. instead of like 10a. e_e And Michelle says it causes memory loss… but… IDK.

Chicken salad sandwiches (or flaked ham… whatever) for lunch, ice cream sammies for snack and burgers for dinner. Sounds good. It is really hot in my room so, I am staying out here where it is marginally cooler. Bola seems not to care but she is from Africa and is used to the heat… I am not. ☹

Tomorrow is bath day. I am going to play the Sims again today… I might as well.. I wasn’t going to but, well… if Bees wants to go out for a couple of walks, I’m def in. I already had a walk in with Julz.


This COVID crap just keeps getting better and better /sarcasm 


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4 days ago

I have been saying all a long that it’s safer to stay close to home till there is a vaccine at least that is some hope…Or go get tested for the antibodies.

4 days ago

are you epileptic? my friend takes that med for it. makes he very tired too

@kaliko I take it for anxiety.

4 days ago

@littleavocado  I take lexapro for anxiety and it works well for me

4 days ago

I use to be on that medicine but my anxiety got better and I got weaned off of it. It does cause memory loss if taken in high doses for a long time. My mom had that happen to her. Once she got off of it her memory got better. 

@mamaqueenie518 I have a half dose. So, that won’t hurt… right?

4 days ago

@littleavocado I wouldn’t think so, no. That’s the dose I was on. 

4 days ago

I would say check with whoever prescribed it to you before going off it

4 days ago

Yes, this Covid virus is affecting everyone. I stay close to home right now, but others are flocking in groves to whatever is opened.  Long lines everywhere without much social distancing.  There’s nothing I need that I want to do that.

Hope you can get your meds straighten out so that you find the best ones to help you with the least amount of side effects.  I agree with your friend, Heffay, please check first ( just as a precaution) before going off of anything.

Take care


@adrift Covidiots everywhere! 😮 I will. Bless your heart.

I used to be on klonopin. My psych always joked ‘you can’t be anxious when you’re sleeping.’ Like, yeah, thanks, I’d rather not be sleeping the day away. Hopefully you can find something else that doesn’t knock you out.

@soldis IKR? Stupid shrinks. 🙁 Mine is a complete dumbarse.

4 days ago

Hopefully they can figure out your meds.  They can be so tricky.

Lunch sounds good.  🙂

Covid 19 needs to go away asap. 🙁

@tumbleweed85 IKR? Covid is getting old fast. 🙁

4 days ago

@littleavocado Yup.  Ain’t nobody got time for it. Lol

@tumbleweed85 SOMEONE find a bloody cure already.

3 days ago

I took myself off of Klonopin last year, I was a zombie on it.  Your supposed to wean off of it slowly, but I didn’t…I went cold turkey.