The Abridged Life & Times of Little Avocado aka Sammy

Ok, I was out on a walk with my sisters Julz and Bees, and I thought, why not chronicle my life so far? I will put them in chapters so it’s easier to read. This is Chapter One.

I was conceived in the fall of 1973 and born the following July. After Canada Day, and two days before Independance Day which makes me a Cancer but as you can tell by the above chart, I have a lot of Sag charm. I was born Samantha Josephine Hunter to unmarried hippie couple Debbie Hunter and William “Bill” Westner. I am Irish, Scottish and British on my mother’s side. I believe to be German, Russian, Slavic, Italian and French on dad’s side, this I’m guessing at because Mom and Dad where like Romeo and Juliet, each side’s family hated each other and wouldn’t say boo to me. My mother cut off all ties to Dad when I was 6 months old. 

Next is a little hard for me but, in the summer of ’77, my mother gave me up for adoption to the Children’s Aid Society which is basically Child Services stateside. I was put in a home that was a very good Baptist family. Unfortunately in 1979, my foster mother Jean died of a heart attack. Or was it stroke? I’m not too sure. 

Next chapter soon… it gets worse.

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4 days ago

I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on, Little Avocado.

@anonypus Merci beaucoup mon amie!

4 days ago

I like this idea Sammy. I hope you get a lot out of doing it.

@heffay Thank you Jeffy…

4 days ago

so sorry for the rough start to life. I am here for you too

4 days ago

Very interesting, I am subscribed. 🤓