This is getting tiresome, the title naming I mean…

Today is the 20th of May… so we get paid next Friday and I’m getting Wen to buy me a pair of these v. cool laceless sneakers much like the ones I have now, but a lot more comfier than the pair I have… I love Julz’s shoes but I need more than one pair of sneakers and a pair of crocs.

I’m still reading Broomsticks and Burials by Lily Webb. It’s a good book. I read RSVP Murder by Shantnu Tiwari. That, was short but sweet.. 😁 I’m actually enjoying reading again. I am actually reading that and a short story by Shantnu called Pink vs the Vampire. It’s much in the same vein as RSVP Murder – funny in a sort of both weird and ha ha way… if you have Bookfunnel on your tablet, I totally recommend the books, plus the oddly titled Achtung! Nazi Zombies. Shantnu has a very strange sense of humor but then, so do I.


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5 days ago

sounds like you are doing exactly what you want to do…and as for the titles ask me and I will suggest some?

5 days ago

I hope you get you shoes! pay days are always a good day. thank goodness for Fridays

@kaliko Yes! I am getting them in purple! 😀

5 days ago

I read alot also, 3hrs every night. Reading is relaxing and transports me to another world. 

5 days ago

I’ve never had crocs. I mostly just dream of finding a pair of slippers that I love, that are comfortable and keep my feet warm.

Oooh look at the nerd who likes to read. 🙂 Just kidding. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading.

@heffay Nerds do it best Jeffy. 😉 I love crocs. 🙂

5 days ago

Purple lace ups! Absolutely! Get them!

I see I’m not the only one who starts one book and before that one is finished, starts another story.  Reading is so great. I get to be a mental traveler to places that I will never see in my lifetime.  I get to wander around in the minds of characters so unlike my own personality.  I go on adventures that I would never have the resources to pursue or the physical capacity.  Did I say that I love to read???  😊

Take good care.