WHAT A Q!! #totw77

Oh hell. What would I do if there was no consequence?! What WOULDN’T I do?! To an underprivileged foster kid, that is an invitation to dream BIG. I wouldn’t murder anyone, I wouldn’t rob anyone, I would just go about my business, and hopefully make others happy too.

Or I would just raid Gamestop and Microplay… such is the life of a gamer. 😉


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3 days ago

Not sure I would do anything different in life. I pretty much go by my morals not weather I can get by

@kaliko Going by your morals Kat is the way to go. 🙂

3 days ago

What would you want to get in your raids? What games or items are you looking for?

@heffay Anything Pokemon, or Switch related… maybe a 3DS XL so I could play my older games… shit like that.. maybe some funkos too.

3 days ago

Now that’s a hard question. I’d have to think on it.

3 days ago

Marathon game play without interruption, obligation or duty.  Sounds like the perfect plan lol.

@elcreature Yasssssssssssssss!!!! 😀 😀 😀

3 days ago

I am such a cleancut person that I would really have to think about that one…maybe I will….

@jaythesmartone I made you in the sims. You are an elder who is adopting wee bairns.

3 days ago

What a question…  I probably wouldn’t do anything different.

Good luck with your games. 😊


2 days ago

Sounds good to me!

As of today I’d probably get a computer that could handle all the sims 4 + expatiation paks and play those. This could change tomorrow lol.

@seablue4u https://sims.tarac.nl

2 days ago

Haha! Right on! <3