Im lossing it

I feel like im tossing my mind. I am trying to keep it together its not working. I have such an over analysing brain that I just don’t know how to be a normal person that “Dates” I always screw things up. I meet a really nice guy last night, had a coffee with him and all seemed amazing when I went to bed. I wake up and messaged a nice good morning, hadn’t heard from him in a couple of hours so thought I would call him he didn’t answer. Then I went into crazy mood. I blocked my number and rang like 30 mins later. I woke him up he was really not with it. I apologised, let him go sent another apology text stupid thing to do and still 2 hrs later nothing. Why can’t I just let things happen normally just let them work at there own pace, why do I have to be so eager to move things on. Why, why why.


It was an amazing time he said he had a great time and really wants to see me again even wanted to see me tonight but I don’t know why now he hasn’t messaged. I can’t message or call now I will look like a crazy person. I know that Im so over thinking every little thing in life and have a crazy active brain. Anyway who knows what will happen

Should always remember to take my meds 2 days off them and I go nuts

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May 23, 2020

The right person for you will know all of these things and will be accepting and will still be interested.  It’s called unconditional love.  It’s not very easy to find, too many people can attest.  Be confident: if people you date aren’t right for you / you’re not right for them then that’s one step closer to finding the right one.  Don’t give up hope, even if you have a million reasons to give up.  Just don’t.