Wherever you are, there you are.

"i think i've lost myself along the way" - anon.


I think this is my fear.


Perhaps losing one’s self is impossible.

We’re always changing and instead of worrying about losing yourself, maybe it’s best to focus on embracing the person that is becoming. Letting go of the environment that was and accepting the world that is, along with all its inherent people, things and challenges.

I’m scared of one day realising that I’ve taken the wrong path; that my old friends are nowhere to be found, and are long gone on a path far away from mine.

Perhaps in reality all our paths are winding and separate, and I’ll meet my old friends again when the time is right and our paths cross. The paths of old friends always cross again eventually.

Losing one’s self is impossible. However losing sight of one’s self while trying to follow another’s path may be common.


Wherever you are, there you are. 


If you’re unsure, click here and listen.

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January 10, 2014

I can relate, my teens I was a self destructive person…as I became a adult and had children I had to change and at times I feel like ” who am I?! ” even though all my changes are good, it’s strange.

January 17, 2014

Yeah, I feel like the core of me has stayed the same even as my behavior and thoughts have changed, have had to adapt more and more to adulthood and what’s best for myself. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to change to remain being who you really are. Maybe it’s a reaction to other things changing, or lessons learned about the world. Ryn: Thank you! Glad it comforted you! 😀

April 12, 2018

@milkwood It’s  nice that 4 years later I still agree with what we’re saying in this conversation.