9. Short term goals and shit

So I’m working with a shrink on the heavy stuff, like childhood trauma and deeply rooted issues and shit, but at LEAST once a day I’m using google to help me with the smaller stuff.

Joined a message board online (did you know those were still a thing?)  and two things I picked up from them are to set short term goals for yourself to tackle, something attainable, because it does happy brain chemical shit, and another one was to find one thing a day that you like/appreciate about yourself, and focus on that thing all day.

I think I’ll do them both. Not sure if I’ll update them on here or if I’ll just text them to myself or what not. (this is to tackle my feelings of insecurity and inadequacy)

But my short term goal today is to do laundry after work… and my “I don’t suck too bad” thing that I like is that Im super honest. Like, to a fault. To the point where lies hold me hostage lol. So… bam! I’m awesome for being honest. 😁


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