My life

well some days are better then other but today seems to be a good…… i have done coloring with my sister wife and spent some time with my other half and shared birthday cake with my nephew…..there are some days that life is harder then other days but i try to get thru them the best i can ……i try to do the best but there are days where i think i need to do everything perfect ad no one tells me i have i tell myself i have to….. and i really don’t know why that is but i am working on not feeling that way anymore……it just seems like some days are better then others but until tomorrow i am signing off and feel free to say any advice u have

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February 10, 2019

Just remember in life it truly don’t matter what other people think. All that matters in life is what YOU think and how YOU feel. I know you like to worry alot (as i know you outside of here) But in truth your best is all you ever have to offer people so that just has to be enough for them and for yourself.Remember that and be blessed.