A Letter to Her!

Just a forewarning, this is a venting letter with explicit language that I just don’t use. However, at this moment it is warranted and I am that upset!

Dear Cruella,

First I want to make it clear that you are his ex-wife and that isn’t going to change as much as you try and, no, I will never be sorry about that. Maybe you aren’t as dumb as I thought you were though since I was the first person you thought of when you thought of him moving on. So, no, not dumb…just a fucking selfish narcissistic bitch! Yes, that describes you so eloquently in a nutshell. You are a horrible human being. You lost him. He no longer wants you. He no longer loves you. And guess what?! It was all your doing, none of it was at my hands! But you want to know what???? I am picking up the pieces that you shattered and he is way better now that he is away from you! He is no longer cowering from the submissive stance you emotionally beat him into. You are a piece of work and take emotional abuse to an entirely new level. Yes, a fucking selfish narcissistic bitch fits you perfectly. You have the nerve to berate him all of the time and call him a piece of shit? Honey, look in the fucking mirror! You never deserved him. He and I both know that we never should have been apart all of these years he wasted with you but we no longer have to be. One day you will know the extent of it all between he and I, you will no longer be treated with kid gloves when there’s nothing as risk anymore. You are going to hate me…so very, very much…and blame me for your demise but, as much as you try to convince yourself of that, it will never be true. I love him how he deserves to be loved. I respect him how he deserves to be respected. I always have and I always will. He is my forever, my fairy-tale. So just move the fuck on already and stop the pathetic manipulative act because no one is buying your bullshit or drinking your arsenic laced kool-aid and we think that you are a fucking joke. You no longer control him and you never will again. Get that through your thick skull and leave him the hell alone. You only make him more angry when you treat him like he’s stupid, like he can’t see straight through your bullshit. You may make me cry(albeit unknowingly because, while you may GUESS, you don’t actually KNOW for sure about us) by stressing him out but ya know what? He and I will be just fine! You’ve never been able to give him what I do because you never have had with him what he and I have….and you never will. You know what we did after all your bullshit today? We found songs that describe the situation and we laughed. And, the most important thing we did? We loved each other, talked about our future and then loved each other some more. I will never tell you any of this even though it feels so good to get it out of myself and not let it fester. I will always be the better person and you will never know how much I truly loathe you and that is saying something because I’ve never really hated someone so much in my life, so kudos to you. You will no longer hurt him. His heart is mine and I will protect it fiercely just as he protects mine. I will leave you with a song that holds a lot of truth to it…and, yes, his momma don’t like you and, no, he’s not sleepin’ on his own! Goodbye and good riddance to you!!


His Forever

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February 13, 2018

Been there!

Hope things work out and it get’s easier if not her going away, at least easier to deal with.

Hang in there.

February 13, 2018

@jdsnafu Thank you! It *will* work out…even though I may seem to, I don’t really doubt that! Sometimes my brain just gets in the way and I get overwhelmed. I’m sorry that you’ve been here, it’s a stressful place to be. Thank you again for your supportive note! =)

February 13, 2018

You go girl. Perfectly said and to the point. These are the best kind of letters. I’ve written a few myself and felt damn good afterward.

February 13, 2018

@catlaydee Thank you. =) It’s actually extremely hard for me. I am always the “be the better person” that takes too much crap. I would never give this to her but, you are right, it feels good to write it and definitely releases a lot of anger!