I havent really tried to organize my thoughts as i write them here. My brain seems so fogged sometimes it like i cant even organize them in my head. Like im in a fog. It hurt that none of the ppl i actually have contact with didnt say happy birthday. It hurts that b hasnt text at all and im not going to initiate it again. If he wants to talk he will make the effort but it bothers me he hasn’t



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1 week ago

I didn’t mean to delete your note!!


I agree with you. I get so tired of being the one who initiates ANY conversation.  Hell one year my mon completely forgot about my bday bc she was having troubles with her bf. 🙄

1 week ago

I’m single for the first time really in my adult life and it’s like every guy I start talking to ghost me so it must be something up with me and then there’s the ones to get all possesses over me when I’ve only talked to them like 2 days not even meant face to face my last man was possessive and controlling I can’t do that but I got to have a happy middle