above everything

I guess time really changes people, and I know for sure that I have changed. I don’t know if for the better or for the worse, but I do know for sure that is just because life is inevitable and it takes a while to get used to changes.

I really don’t have a lot to write about, besides the usual boring stuff. I am writing this here now from work, where I am sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of hot chocolate and hoping that it doesn’t run out. This is a way of entertainment, I think. Because there is nothing really much except to do this. I really hope time does me good in the future.

And the thing is, I have been living so much in the survival mode, that I don’t know what it is like to be calm and quiet anymore. I have been slowly trying to find myself again, regain the parts of me that were lost, but I know are there.

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January 14, 2022

Have you ever scuba or snorkel?  I use the underwater experience in my meditation when I seek stillness.

To imagine myself floating weightlessly in the ocean, I can se for miles, up and below.

Stillness, I agree, is the starting point.  If we are not still before we decide to act, we are by definition bringing unknown variables into the act.  Who can calculate all that?

I hope you find the peace you seek!  It is there, do not give up!  Do not accept mere happiness as a substitute, for peace of mind is not transient.  It is the full fractal of our understanding, calmly reflecting that all is as it should be.

January 14, 2022

@cygnusx-1 I love how i think you read my soul by just one paragraph. thank you for your insights i will use them wisely. ! 🙂 <3

January 14, 2022

I just write about what I am thinking about at the mo’ y’know? 🙂

January 14, 2022

@juliebear hi julie bear!! that is fun. i love writing!!! i have read a bit of your journal. i enjoy the insights into your life! keep writing!