F-ck but not f-ck?

Ok, today, my 3DS XL bit the dust. I don’t know wtf happened, but hell, I just sold it for parts to some dude for $40. I am going to get a 2DS which is rather crummy but beggars can’t be choosers non? But as long as I can play my games and take weird arse pictures as I am wont to do on such a gaming system, I am a happy happy turkey-lurkey. (That’s for you ‘Mericans!)

Today otherwise consisted of wild goose chases, and diet vanilla coke chasers. Saw homeless Tim at his usual spot near Circle K. He kind of reminds me of a very scruffy Robert Pattinson.

Tomorrow is my baby sister’s big day! I am giving her the $40 as mad money…. taxis are f-cking expensive these days! Holy sh-t.

I am going to just post over at my DW/LJ and then play DogLife.


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November 19, 2021

Interesting Sammy. Oh, I’ve updated my diary. I answered your question on it.


November 20, 2021

@wda2 Ok David. Will read! 😀

November 19, 2021

Oh no, I’m sorry about your 3DS XL.

I hope Bees has a good birthday tomorrow. Don’t get too crazy celebrating it.

November 20, 2021

@heffay Yeah I know, but what can you do right? TY <3