O lawdy…

https : // 9 gag . com / gag / amvxWrv

I love this image. It never fails to amuse me. I am just listening to Bruce Cockburn’s ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Time’. I like Cockburn and Gordon Lightfoot too. I am partial to Canadian music.

I am tired but not overly, bc I had an increase in my melatonin. I’m not waking up too early anymore, about 5a.

I might watch Blade Trinity or House of 1,000 Corpses again. Or maybe I might watch 8 Crazy Nights.

My mom made me a happy person today. She said she might have a portable DVD player kicking around that I could have for Bees’ gift — the DD gift set of all of the seasons. 🙂 And a CD player for Julie’s gift — a Gowan CD.

I am getting myself an Amazon Fire 8″ tablet. 64 gigs.

Mom I’m getting a succulent bc she loves plants. 🙂


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1 week ago

Sounds like you have the gifts under control.  I wish I could change my sleep cycle and not wake up about 2 am every flippin’ day.  Here Melatonin is over the counter, and is quite pricey.

1 week ago

@novembercirese I used to do that and it would frustrate me to the core. Have you tried anything else?

1 week ago

@lovelymariquita I take allergy meds that sedate.  Or at least they should do.

1 week ago

@novembercirese Benadryl? I hear that’s good.

1 week ago

I hope you enjoy the new Fire! Succulent plants are nice too.

1 week ago

Bonne chance, Sammy. In whatever you watch. David.

1 week ago

Are you celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, or both? Either way, you’ve got presents down pat.

6 days ago

I love
Bruce Cogburn'[s & Gordon Lightfoot’s music too.  I hate it that Gordon got so old … he was a real hunk when he was younger.  Of course I was younger then too, so maybe I ought not to look in the mirror too closely these days myself …

3 days ago

I’ll look up Lovers in a Dangerous Time, thank you for the recommendation. That Amazon Fire sounds like a great gift for yourself. I might get myself a gym membership if I can make enough profit this month.