Oh my dear Lawd…

So, today was not exactly a wash, I talked with Heather and Raza, separately, and it looks like I can get my tech soon. I will lay out a plan with those two and then, put it into action and what that plan is, that I keep the iPad mini and I junk the cracked Samsung and get myself an Amazon Fire tablet which is Android ofc. So, and I’m getting Bees her Xmas gift early bc she is going home for the holidays, and Julz’s gift is being ordered the same time as Bees’ and my tab. Mom is going to get me 2 $200 prepaid visa gift cards. Or even one will do… idk. I asked her for two.

So, I have my plans set and ready… so now, it’s a matter of when. Probably after the meeting with Heather and Raza.

Speaking of Raza, I am Zooming him and Maddie for our next meeting motomorrow and that should be good. 😀

In other news, not much else is up… it’s pretty boring actually. I’m going to watch ‘A Family Lost’ on Tubi… as Jeffy @heffay recommended it to me.


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November 23, 2021

I hope you enjoy the movie. It’s a weird one, in my opinion.

November 24, 2021

@heffay It is weird, considering it’s snowing hard in one scene and not in the other. 😮 Also.. idk much about diabetes type 1 but wouldn’t eating something spike the blood sugars???

November 24, 2021

@lovelymariquita yeah I don’t know much about it. Because her diabetes was like a problem and then she was fine. I didn’t understand.

I’m still in shock thinking about the girl getting the bear to kill a guy

November 24, 2021

@heffay That movie was confusing but ok.

November 23, 2021

Oh wow. David.

November 24, 2021

@wda2 I blew your mind? 🙂