Happy pills

 Dear diary

I’ve been quite happy the last few days. I spent eastern with my whole family. I love these days because there’s always tons of good food. Today I spoke to a friend who actually called me " a fucking whore" because me and my best friend broke up. But I’m never really mad at someone so we just forgot it and moved on. I’m so excited we’re going to some concerts soon. I love never shout never and Ms Mr. It’s going to be awesome I know it. It makes my schooldays a bit easier because there’s something I can be excited about. Life’s starting to like me. I guess. I bought some new books which I put into my little  library. It gets bigger and bigger from time to time. One day when I move to my own house I wanna take all those books with me. I don’t even read all of them now. I just want to own them and say that they’re mine. I get a little bit jealous when someone reads the same stuff like I do because my books are like my little secrets. Only here for me. 

The pressure on my chest is still there but It’s not that bad anymore. I can feel that everything’s going to be fine. Alex likes me but his friend told me that he had something with me. That’s not true and it made me a bit angry because everything was going so well and then he just told Alex that lie. But I told Alex that this is not true and it doesn’t matter if his friend told him and that it’s ok because I don’t really care. Like I said before I can never be really mad at someone. 

I guess that’s it for today. Oh before I forget it I wanna buy some Henna color and paint on my skin. I’m gonna buy the color on wednesday when I also buy my concert tickets. I’m so excited ! I fell like I took happy pills.

– Lovelyn.

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April 6, 2013