If there is any pet peeve of mine its wishy washy passive bitches. It irritates me so badly when people have shitty communication skills. If I did something, or something is going on that’s effecting how you’re treating me, etc. SPEAK!! Because otherwise I won’t know what the fuck is going on and ill cut you tf off. I don’t have time to deal with childish behavior and bullshit when I ain’t do shit to you! I am a 21 year old woman with more important things to worry about. So I will match energy and I will ghost you, cut you tf off cuz I will not sit here and be treated like crap when I didn’t do anything and if I did, if you cared enough, you’d speak tf up and tell me what’s up. I can’t read minds bitch and I’m not gonna sit over here and coddle you. I’m done doing stuff like that, I’m putting myself first for once. No longer putting up with flaky bitches. Its childish

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