There is many people in the world and therefore many different perspectives but there are certain things I will never and quite frankly don’t ever want to understand. Ever since I could remember (since I was in elementary lol) I’ve always has this abnormal disdain for cheating. Most people will agree cheating is a horrible act because…it is. Although, there are people who have different “boundaries” and “definitions” as to what they define as cheating. For example some Japanese women/men would allow their partner to get service from a prostitute (their reasoning is to let their husband “relieve stress”…). I’m sorry but this is the most bullshit, barmy crap I’ve heard in my whole life. Then there is polyamory/polygamy…hmm there’s a lot to unpack. Polyamory or open relationship…technically…it’s not a real thing in my opinion. Its like saying, “lets just print more money” but then money will lose its’ll become barren. Thats my thoughts on polyamory. Now polygamy is the same thing obviously but the difference is, its regarding marriage..I’ll just say I wish it was still very much illegal lol. It’s almost like the value of platonic friendship is gone and with the lack of morals/emotional maturity/self-control, people are just wildly promiscuous. Given that I’m also a psych major and there are many proven studies that if you truly love someone you will be completely sexually satisfied with just them my stance is firm. With all this said people will just be people and of course the only thing I could do is simply avoid anything my heart and mind find repugnant.

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