Eddy Arsenault – La Reel des Canadiens and more…

This reel is very special to me, it just speaks to me. I enjoy the fiddle (or violin) and Eddy Arsenault is one of the best.

Another fiddler I like is Ashley MacIsaac.

Babycakes is distantly related to Ashley btw… a little tidbit for you.

  • Eddy Arsenault
  • Ashley MacIsaac



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December 8, 2022

How cool! Not to mention prince Edward Island is on my list of places I want to see, mainly for my love of Anne of Green Gables.

December 8, 2022

@celestialflutter Anne is definitely a must see. Lucy Maud is a great writer and you really get a feel for Anne, Gilbert, Diana and the others. Do you like Road to Avonlea? Sarah Polley is in that.