Welp that was that…

Well, today is almost done where I am.. actually it is. I have had my bedtime pills, and snack (some pumpkin pie that Liz brought over… yesterday methinks??? I could be wrong. I doubt it though.) and everything is settling down for the night… people are heading to bed, or back to the tv room to sleep on the couches… which is a no no. But, the culprits will be caught. IDK whether or not to eat my second bag of chips now or tomorrow? Someone keeps thumping and crashing, not caring whether the people in the next room (Julz and my room!!) are trying to sleep. QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF are they doing? Maneuvering a quacking sofa or coffin around? NO QUACKING RESPECT!!!

In a way I give up. I do. FTS. (quack that quack.. you get it.)

So, I am playing Pokemon Heart Gold, and Y. I am going to concentrate on those two for now. My team on HG is…

  • Ryanne (named after an old college bud) the cyndaquil, level 12, holding nothing, quirky
  • Johnny the pidgey, level 9, holding nothing, bold
  • Darren the spinerak, level 8, holding nothing, serious

That’s all I’ve got so far, and my rival’s name is @$$hole. Bc he is a stupid quacking rival.

Um.. in Y, I have..

  • Lyssa (pronounced like Lisa) the venipede, holding poison barb, level 12, relaxed
  • Sadie the farfetch’d, holding nothing, level 15, impish
  • Sage the ivysaur, holding venusaurite, level 16, hardy
  • Lori the litleo, holding nothing, level 17, naughty

I have to fix up my Y team… I still need a water type which I will get soon (ducklett)

What are you playing? If you play any old pokemon games, then, here is my friend code! Add me!!! 3454-7642-5461.

I play Pokemon B&W (I will give out my palpad later) and B&W2, Pokemon Platinum/Diamond + Pearl, not for the Switch but for the DSi, I play OR/AS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) and X & Y, Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and I also play Animal Crossing: Wild World, New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, and Style Savvy (Fashion Forward/Styling Star/Trendsetters), and I play Tomodachi Life aaaaaand lastly Fantasy Life.

I have other games on my SD card… some DSi and GBA games, I have… (putting them in bullets bc I forgot how damn annoying and tiresome it is to read a quackload of text. 🙁 Sorry.

  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Sonic Rush
  • Super Princess Peach
  • The aforementioned AC: WW
  • Cooking Mama
  • The aforementioned D/P/P
  • The Price is Right (I fail at this very badly)
  • Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
  • Wheel of Fortune (always fun unless you constantly land on bankrupt or miss a turn… ha!)
  • The aforementioned B&W and B&W2
  • Jeopardy (my fave!)
  • The Sims 3
  • Two kinds of Pokemon Emerald (Trashman’s and the real deal – AND I remember I bought it IN STORE when it came out for $70 including taxes. Yes! But damn it! It was worth it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Crash Bandicoot – The Huge Adventure
  • My favorite Zelda game – the Minish Cap. <3
  • MK Advance (I played this with my ex so much… I associate that game with Steve)
  • Super Mario Advance 3 and Yoshi’s Island
  • Super Mario Advance 4 and Super Mario Bros 3

That be every game I have on my 3DS XL. Boring I know, unless you are a gamer. lol


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December 3, 2022

You have a lot of games!  How nice!  The only game I play is Yahtzee when I do want to play a game.  I hope you sleep well tonight. I bet your pumpkin pie was great!


December 4, 2022

@wildrose_2 Yeppers Kerry. I do like Boggle but I am no good at it, it is fun though, ty.. I slept like a baby… and yupp my pie was good 🙂

December 4, 2022
December 4, 2022

That’s a lot of games.  I think I would enjoy The Price is Right one.

December 4, 2022

@happyathome That one’s good but hard, I can never get past bidder’s row. :-p

December 4, 2022

I’m glad you enjoy gaming. All three of my kids and their partners love gaming, particularly Dungeons & Dragons [either in person or via Zoom or Twitch] and PlayStation 5, so gift-giving at the holidays is simplified as new games are coming out all the time.

Personally, I stopped playing video games many years ago when I realized that I wasn’t relaxing or enjoying them. Instead, they made me stressed and miserable. I felt the same way about any craft involving needles — knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc. — so I gave them both up entirely.

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking hard about getting my husband Les a PlayStation 5 so that he could play games with his sons electronically, and enjoy some of his retirement with new entertainment. I would join him, maybe… depending on the kind of game he was playing. I’m still thinking about it.

December 4, 2022

@darkmadonna I’m sure that L would love that. Men (and boys) and their video games heh… I guess that makes me one of the guys? :-p D&D is classic. I find knitting frustrating too. I am not good dexterity wise with my hands.