A Day at the Farm

It took me longer to get back here than I thought it would originally.  🙂  It was a pretty decent day here at the farm.

So, to start, I work at a Marijuana grow in Washington state.  The way that it works, is that on the property of the farm, there’s the bunkhouse (or farmhouse) where us workers can stay while we’re working.  Actually, Most of the people moved into the house except for my sis and I, we only come up and stay for the work week and then go home on the weekends.  It works out rather nicely, bossman gives us room and board, usually cooks dinner for everyone and it saves on gas and on a 90 minute drive to work daily.  I’m the farm’s trimmer, so my job is to take the bud off of the plants after it’s all dried and trim down the leaves so that it looks pretty and the like.  Not a bad job at all, I actually really enjoy it, especially since I make my own hours — I’m paid by weight and the bossman trusts me to keep my area neat and all the different strains separate, so I can go up whenever I want, work as long as I want, and come back down when I want.  I honestly couldn’t do it any other way — the farm is generally on a night shift schedule, and I’m totally a day person.

So I tend to wake up early, eat breakfast, trundle up the hill around 9 or so am, work until I get hungry, come back down, munch for a bit, and then go back up till anytime between 9 and 10 pm.  Then I come back down to the bunkhouse, shower, and relax since most of the people are heading up around that time, if they haven’t left already to do their work in the grow.  Considering I don’t really care much for most of the people at the farm, this is a good way of doing things.  And no, it’s not that the people are bad people, it’s just that we have absolutely nothing in common and some of the ethics of the other workers kind of go against my own.

Today I started listening to Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card, and am about 5 or so hours into the book… I also spent a good amount of time on the phone with Ipo (my sweetie), we talked a lot about nothing, honestly.  Just kind of chatting and bullshitting.  I find that we do that a lot… along with the important things we talk about, we can spend hours talking about nothing at all, or if we do talk about stuff, it’s generally totally random and weird.  A good part of today’s conversation had to do with him building a harem and how it would work.  XD  I told him I didn’t care if he got himself a harem, as long as I was the “First among Many”, and he told me I wasn’t dominate enough to be the Harem Queen.  I replied with a laugh and a threat to be the one to pick out all the harem girls.  I think he’s still not sure if the conversation was one of those tests to trap your boyfriend, or if I am just that weird.  I told him it was the second, I don’t think he believes me.

Ipo and I’ve been together for a little over three months now.  We met online in a Discord server dedicated to a youtuber that we both enjoy.  We started talking about chainmail, and about his leather working hobby.  That conversation lead to a bunch of other conversations, and after a week of talking and flirting (during which we found out we lived less than 2 hours away from one another), we went out on a date two days before Christmas, and have been a couple since then.  He’s probably as close to a “perfect match” as I’ll ever get.   He’s… well… He’s a good guy.  Not a “nice guy” but a good one.  In fact, he’s a bit of an asshole at times.  He’s sarcastic, with a weird sense of humor and a wit so dry that it would be at home in the desert.  He’s the first guy I’ve ever met who seems to be completely comfortable with his self… he doesn’t need to be the best person in the room, doesn’t need to prove that he’s smart, or that he’s funny.  He’s just himself, and it’s more than enough.  What I love most about him is that he’s extremely perceptive of the people and world around him.  He’s the first person in a long time who bothers to look below the surface and who takes the time to understand me and my oddities.  We talk so much, we connect so well.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I can settle down with someone and be completely happy.

Other than the farm and the dating life… home life is pretty alright.  Court is still living with Mom and I, but it’s a lot more comfortable than it used to be… he and I finally came to an understanding a year or two ago, and it’s actually pretty nice.  We stopped trying to talk over one another, and try to force the other person to see our side, and just started to say “fuck it” a lot more.  XD  He does his thing, I do mine, we sometimes hang out and do things together, but now that there’s not any expectations, we tend to get along a hell of a lot better.  Mom’s health is worrying me, she’s having a lot of trouble breathing, but a lot of that is the change of the season but I know the house needs to be cleaned more often and there needs to be a air filter bought… when I get more money, maybe the next payday or the one after, I’ll get a filter for her.

It’s almost midnight, I should head off to bed.  I gotta head back up to the trimming tomorrow.  Night all!  It’s nice to be back!

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April 5, 2018

Thanks for noting!  You have an interesting job


April 6, 2018

@neosuds 🙂  My job definitely is interesting.  I’ve learned a lot by being here, not only about people who have nothing in common with me, but about marijuana growing and the business surrounding it.  I feel like I learn new things every day.