Baby Quilts

These just came in today… they were made by my great aunt, and Mom and I are going to quilt them.  ^.^ 

First off… the Pink Quilt:

 9ea175fce1bd-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

8f6ec96b3e51-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

The back of the quilt is pink, and the binding’s the purple flowery color.  Definitely for a girl. ::giggles:: 


The Blue Quilt: 

bbb35c0b559f-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

73e9da79d678-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

This one’s going to go to Hollie, I think, since it has the most hand work done on it.  The back’s blue and the binding’s a blue and white pattern.  


The Green Quilt: 

d34c7f813eea-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

f2eac4359b6a-1.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

This one was made for Kristal… the backing’s green and so is the binding.  

If Mama Leslie’s grandbaby’s a girl, she’s getting the pink quilt, if it’s a boy, she’ll get the black, white, and red quilt. ::chuckles:: 

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April 7, 2010

The little birdies are so cute!!! RYN: David claims that he has no control over the weather and it’s just a coincidence. I don’t believe him at all. I think his control is only local, but I really have no idea. I don’t think I’ve asked him to change the weather in a state across the country before. Next time it’s pouring there, feel free to leave a note and I’ll ask David to give it a shot. Ha, out of context, this note sounds completely nuts. Hee, hee. Hugs, John