DePhoMo #12 – #15

Nothing really to say. 😛 I’ve looked through the pictures that I’ve taken in the past few days/weeks and found some that match the prompts, kinda.   I hope to keep up on them now.


DePhoMo # 12 – Old Fashioned

18266a8f8bd7.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

This is the music box that I got for Scott’s mother for Christmas.  It’s wood and just has an old, elegant feel to it.


Dephomo # 13 – Rainbows

b97d848ff48e.jpg untitled picture by zarlune

This is George.  He’s a penguin that was filled with (sorta) yummy gummy candies.  >.> I chose the rainbow gummies as opposed to the lychee gummies because I liked the container.  He’s currently filled with soda tabs, which really need to be washed, dried, and then used in my crafty projects.  Oh!  Note to self:  Must buy pliers on payday for jewelry makings.

DePhoMo #14 – Metal


yoke.jpg picture by zarlune

popcap.jpg picture by zarlune

They’re a little blurry.  But the first metal one is a European 4-on-1 chain mesh haubrek that I was working on at one point in time.  I put over 75 man hours into making that… started with a roll of electric fence wire and rolled the wire into coils, cut the coils into links, and then wove the links into the shirt all by myself (with a lot of help from my momma, who’s fucking awesome, btw). 

The second picture is my pop-top chain mesh… and that’s on it’s way of becoming a skirt for my sister.  I really ought to finish that and surprise her by actualing sending it her way.  I haven’t decided if I wanted to pleat it or not.  ::ponders::


DePhoMo # 15 – Something that’s not what it seems

picture136.jpg picture by zarlune

I forgot all about this picture.  It’s of a statue that’s out in the Port of Olympia.  At first glance, you’d think the woman was pregnant, and that she’s cradling her stomach, but if you look right below where the arms are, you’ll notice that there’s actually little feet, and that she’s cradling a young child to her.  I just thought that was amazing when I saw it the first time.

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December 15, 2009

Look at you go missy with all your pictures… I will catch up tomorrow ASAP… and you interview questions BE READY…

your metal work is insane! I have never seen nor heard of anyone doing that, but i think it’s awesome! Looks very time consuming

December 15, 2009

Love the armor, I am not a crafty kind of person – could never get myself to do something like that.

December 15, 2009

Interview: 1. atfer death if you would/could come back as an animal what would it be and why??? 2. your metal work is amazing. does it take long and if you made enough would you sell it. 3. when you book is published and in a HUGE store can i get your autograph??? 4. is there something that you have regreted lately?? 5. hmm, last but not least are you 100% happy