Working Again

XD  You would think that since I have access to a computer easier at home than I do here at the farm, that I would actually write more when I’m on my weekends than when I’m off.  Hell, I spent most of my time away from the farm on the computer, but nooooo, too many things going on.  I was a dumb dumb and got back into Minecraft again, and worse than that, I got my mom and my boyfriend into the game too, so when we can all get together, we get to game and have fun.  Which means that my days with them is filled completely with Minecraft and family.  On the plus side, our house is looking really damned amazing.

Right now I’m waiting for bossman to get up and moving.  Apparently he was up till really late this morning working with the plants while they were “awake.”  Niks is finally beginning to take working here seriously, and spent a few hours this weekend trimming and getting things set up to trim.  I don’t want to poach on her stuff, that’s bad form, so bossman said that he’ll take me up and show me what he wants me to do.  I just hope that my damned trimming area is nice and neat.

I took a really long weekend this weekend — a four day’er.  Spent it with Mom and Ipo, just chilling, cleaning up a tiny bit around the house, and playing minecraft.  There’s not really much to say.

I did take Ipo to the farmer’s market for the first time… we got some yummy jerky trail mix, as well as some jams and chocolates.  We took turns cooking dinner, Ipo, the roommie, and I.  ‘Po made grilled cheese for us (me, mom, and him), Court did some bbq chicken, and I made burgers.  We’re trying to eat a little more mindfully, especially since I think my gallbladder is mad at me.  I haven’t had any more attacks since the last one I mentioned, and I’ve been doing my best to cut down on fried foods, not away completely, but down on.  I’ll be damned if I’m not going to be able to eat french fries again, but I’m being happy with stealing one or two fries instead of gobbling them all up, so to speak.

We took Ipo’s truck in to get new tires, that was fun.  He made an appointment for last Saturday so I drove up in the morning to meet up with him at work, we took the truck to the appointment, I dropped him back off at work and spent the next 4 hours at the local Hagens, which is much nicer than the ones that we had/have near my town — I got a tea and a salad and sat in the cafe area working on chainmaile, eating, and listening to an audio book.  So that was a lot of fun.  Court is worried that I’m going to get tired of Ipo, that with us spending as much time together as we do, that we’re going to burn out on one another.  I was thinking about that, was thinking about being worried about that, and realized that we spend weekends together, and talk once or twice a day on the phone otherwise.  I’m not too worried.  Right now we’re spending our away-but-together time watching Star Trek and commentating.  We’ve started with The Next Generation and are still on season 1.  It’s slow going at times. 😀

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February 8, 2019

No posts in nine months?  You’re going to make people think you don’t like it here.