30 day challenge day 17

30 day challenge: day 17

Write a letter to someone from your childhood. 

This letter is to my very first puppy love boyfriend when I was in the 4th grade. We became friends first and I became friends with his sister and spent alot of time at their house. He moved away when we got to 6th grade because his dad got a better job in New Mexico. 


You’ll always be “Joey” to me. I’ll never forget when you first told me you wanted me to be your girlfriend. I was quite shy and very surprised that you liked me. Soon after we were together all the time. We spent many nights together since I was also friends with your sister and because we went to sleepovers at Johnny and Jenny’s house. We stayed up all night talking and holding hands. You made me so happy. I looked forward to spending time with you all the time. Do you remember the first time you kissed me? It was raining and you were walking me halfway home from your house. We stopped on the corner to say goodbye and you kissed me. It surprised me alot! When you told me you had to move so far away I was so sad. However, we kept in touch writing letters for many years. I looked forward to your letters and pictures. I saved them into adulthood and still have a couple of your pictures to this day. You came back to visit once and we spent alot of time together and you promised me that you would come back for me when you turned 18 and you’d marry me. I guess after all the years went by I didn’t believe that would actually happen. So imagine my surprise when you showed up in town when I was 18 and pregnant with my daughter, living with my fiance. You actually did come back for me. I felt awful that I hurt you by not being available. I still loved you just not in the way I had before. You were so upset that you moved away soon after we talked. You didn’t even say goodbye! Then I got a letter from you saying you joined the military because there was nothing and no one keeping you back. From there on we lost touch. Many years later I found you and got your number and called you, surprised you. I was divorced and hoping you were single also but you were in a relationship. We had a great talk and caught up with one another and I thought we’d at least remain friends. However, your girlfriend didn’t allow that. I guess she realized that I still had feelings for you and it made her uncomfortable. I wish we could have remained friends and stayed in touch but it is what it is. I have many wonderful memories and that’s what matters! I hope you are happy whether married with children or not. You will always hold a place in my heart!…..

What a quiet day I had yesterday! And it’ll be another one today. All I really did was watch TV and relax. I ordered Chilies restaurant for dinner and had their cajun chicken alfredo with tomatoes and a salad and garlic bread. It was really good and I couldn’t eat all of it. It was so filling! So I’m going to eat the rest of it later tonight for dinner. I might order a salad also to eat with it. I’m hoping it still tastes good heated up. I generally don’t eat leftovers. I do have to get my dishes done later before I order dinner. And my daughter brings my car back tonight. If it’s early enough she’ll pick me up so we can take her home and drop her off and bring the car home. Otherwise if it’s late then her fiance will follow her over to leave my car and drop my key in the mailbox. Either way is fine with me as long as I have my car for grocery shopping tomorrow. I have eggnog left and decided that I’m going to make eggnog mousse parfaits later this week. I can’t wait! I know I’ll love them!

Well I guess that’s all for today! I hope everyone is having a great day!


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3 weeks ago

This is such a cute letter and your dinner from chillies sounds yummy

3 weeks ago

I am about the only one who eats leftovers around here.  You can see by my tummy where the leftovers got left.  4th grade you started earlier than me.  I wish it had turned out differently for both of you.  Nice newsy letter to him.  😎

I wish this had turned out differently for you.

3 weeks ago

The timing with Joey seems that it was off unfortunately, maybe he will pop back up sometime again tho, and it will finally be the right time.

It’s so nice that you & your daughter help each other out.