A day off

I haven’t had a day off work in over 30 days until yesterday. I went into this job knowing that days off would be few and far between. I initially was only going to go in late because I had to wait on my new refrigerator but I decided it was a good day to take for myself. Luckily, Lilly didn’t have any problem with me taking the day off. I was afraid she’d give me hell for asking. My refrigerator was suppose to arrive between 1pm and 5pm but didn’t get here until about 5:30. I was waiting on taking all the food out of the refrigerator until they called to tell me they were on the way. I didn’t want anything to go bad or defrost at all. They didn’t call until they were about 2 minutes from me. I never hustled so fast in my life. On top of that I had totally forgotten to take the stuff off the top of the fridge and to take all the magnets off. The men didn’t mind giving me a couple minutes. After they plugged it in they left and I had to take off all the plastic and foam pieces from inside and out. I was waiting till I was sure it was starting to get cold before putting everything back inside and after 15 minutes I was panicking because I couldn’t hear it running at all and couldn’t feel any cold air. I thought something was wrong with it and called my parents who tried to tell me it takes about 12 -24hrs to get cold. That only made me feel more panicked because I’d be going to bed in a little while and was afraid that if I loaded everything into it and it didn’t get cold I’d ruin all my food. I called Lowe’s and talked to a man in appliances and he basically told me the same thing my parents did and told me that if I heard it running there’d be a problem because refrigerators now don’t make any noise. I ate dinner and afterwards checked the freezer and it was already getting real cold. I felt better. Now all I need is to get the handles out on it. You would think they’d do that when they delivered it but no, they didn’t. So on my day off I pretty much sat and waited on them to get here all afternoon, then ordered dinner in and relaxed with my dogs. I went to my room at 8pm to read until bedtime. I got tired early and went to sleep at 9:30.

Today the woman Tina is suppose to start working. She was suppose to take Marty to the doctors at 1:45 today. I tried to message her to find out if he was going there or to the hospital (his port area for his supra-pubic catheter is horribly infected) because the doctor wanted him to go to the ER previously. She didn’t message me back until just this second. I do not like this woman. Thank God I don’t have to be around her a lot. 

I got my groceries today and am now relaxing with my dogs till time to go to work. I realized on my day off that I don’t know what to do with myself having all that time to myself. I started getting an anxiety attack while waiting on bedtime. I think I feel better working now than staying home all day. 

Anyway, it’s time for me to end this. Take care everyone!

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