A slight scare

Last week I had to take my mom to the doctors. She’d been very tired, sleeping alot and very short of breath. She also had been having confused moments where she seemed disoriented at times. I thought maybe she’d been abusing Xanex again and we got into an argument about it. Then suddenly she started vomiting coffee grounds like consistency and was having dark tar like stool. She airways makes doctors appointments then cancels them because she doesn’t feel up to going or because she feels a little better and thinks she doesn’t need to go. She almost canceled her appointment but I insisted she just go and get checked out. Luckily she did because after going in the back to see the doctor about 10 minutes later (if that) the doctor came out and got me. My mom was suspected of having an intestinal bleed and to top it all off she was in A fib. Her heart rate was very fluttery and at about 150 beats a minute. They called an ambulance to take her from the office straight to the hospital. I called off work, ran and grabbed her phone charger and met them at the ER. I stayed there it’ll about 6:30 when they came back with some test results. They found that she didn’t have an intestinal bleed but she did have blood clots on her lungs and her heart was not good. They were admitting her. She ended up staying 5 days. They got her heart rate down to between 80-100 beats a minute and they decided she needs to have her heart shocked. They have that scheduled for the 14th of March. In the meantime she was put on Eliquis and Dijoxin. She was so scared! Heart problems ruin in her family but she has never had a problem up until now so she thought the gene skipped her. She wants to eat healthier, lose weight and try to wean herself off the vape she smokes. I spent every morning except one at the hospital with her. She’s home and is looking and feeling alot better but she is very scared to let them shock her heart next month. They said they need to do that to get her heart back into normal rhythm. I’ll be taking her for that so she’s glad I’ll be there. 

Other than that things have been pretty normal around here. I’m working like usual and during the day cooking, cleaning and visiting with mom. I had to go to the pain doctor yesterday for a hip injection. I usually avoid all the injections because they never help me but this one I never tried before so I went for it. I relaxed most of yesterday after it like they say to do but I’ll tell ya what… it caused more pain than I started with. Today it feels alot better. We’ll see how well it helps after awhile. They say I could need another. 

Oh and I almost forgot… my Tito dog had started getting very aggressive with Bailey,  my other dog. It got bad enough that I was afraid he’d hurt her real bad or kill her if I left them alone anymore. I looked into a dog behaviorist and they are VERY expensive! However I have to do whatever it takes to make my dog less aggressive. He only gets that way when he gets overly excited which is anytime he sees a person or dog walking past my house. I live on a semi busy street. There are always people walking by. So the behaviorist said to first separate the dogs. I felt that would be punishing one of them so I took my mom’s advice and asked my daughter if she’d mind taking Bailey for awhile until Tito is trained out of this aggression. Bailey grew up with my kids, she’s 15 yrs old so I knew she’d be happy being with my daughter and son. My daughter didn’t even hesitate! She told me to pack up all her belongings and she’d pick her up that evening. It’s been almost a week since she’s been gone. I miss her but my daughter sends me daily updates and pictures. Tito has been a little out of sorts with her gone. He hasn’t been eating much or even drinking much water. He seems a little lonely though as time goes on he’s doing a little better. I’m still waiting on hearing from the trainer. They had me fill out a stack of papers and said that the trainer would call me within 72 business hours. I’m still waiting…. With what I read it looks like it’ll cost me around $200 up front for the consultation and $1295 for the 12 week training but that all depends on how long they say they have to train him. 

Well I have to be ending this here. I have to pack up my dinner and lemon waters to go to work tonight. Take care my friends!

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February 23, 2022

I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s health issues. I’m sure she’s so grateful to you for your assistance, presence with her at the medical appointments, and your support as she tries to get healthier. It’s such a challenge, especially as we grow older and our metabolisms slow down. You’re a wonderful daughter.

Wishing you all the best with the two dogs. Separating them was a good idea.

February 23, 2022

How scary about your mom!  And good thing she went to the doctor without kicking & screaming!  Glad she’s well enough to come back home — thing are always better when you’re in your own space!

February 24, 2022

The whole doctor, then hospital, diagnosis, then home again was all scary.  Thank God for you insisting she go in.  It could have turned out badly.  Some habits are so hard to break when you feel well.  Not feeling well would seem to me make it so much harder to change.  I wish her all the good luck and will keep her in my thoughts.  😎

March 5, 2022

I’m glad your mom is doing better, and that you were able to be with her!

Hope you hear from the behaviorist soon. You’re such a good dog mom.