An unexpected day off

I’m sitting here relaxing a bit on my unexpected day off. I was all prepared to go to work today until my kitchen sink sprung a leak. My dad came and replaced the part he thought was the problem but after putting the new one in place it’s doing the same thing which means there has to be a blockage somewhere in the drain. So I added some Liquid Draino and am hoping that clears up the problem. If it doesn’t I might have to call a plumber and I’m NOT looking forward to doing that! Anyway that took time today which interfered in me doing my dishes and making my dinner to take to work. So just in case I’d be awhile I asked Lilly to secure a person to take my place with Marty tonight. It turned out I’d only be a little bit late so I called her to tell her I could come after all just about a half hour late but she already replaced me. It is fine though because I could always use an extra day off. I finished my dishes slowly and got my casserole in the oven then took my dog Tito on a walk. That’s something new I’ve been doing. I try to take him on a walk around the block once a day. It all depends on how busy I am and how the weather is. Amazingly he does awesome on the walks. He rarely will bark at anyone or any dogs. The only issue is he pulls quite a bit choking himself. I’m going to use the harness on him next time to try and avoid that. He hates the harness though. This is the first year I’ve been able to take him on walks because of my pain. Since I’ve lost weight the pain hasn’t been as bad. I still get the pain in my back and hips but at least I can make it around the block. Last year at this time I couldn’t make it 2 blocks without wanting to crumble. It hurt so bad! Now it doesn’t hit me till I have about a quarter of the way to go to get home and I push through it. I’m hoping in time doing this will help my body adjust to it and stop hurting so much. We’ll see I guess!

I missed my appointment for my ultrasound of the liver because the night before the appointment my brake lights went out. I couldn’t drive there like that so I rescheduled for the 25th. My dad replaced my brake light bulbs and all is good with the car again. 

Oh and I did try the CBD oil for Tito to calm him and it does absolutely nothing. I also tried using the white noise machine that the trainer suggested and it helps a little sometimes but not often. I try to put it on for him when I’m not home though. I think it comforts him a little. 

In going to eat shortly here and binge watch a cooking show to I head up to bed to read. Take care my friends!

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March 18, 2022

Walking definitely helps loosen the joints and as you get stronger you’ll be in less pain. You are doing so well on your healthy eating plan! You should congratulate yourself!

March 19, 2022

Your dad is worth is weight in gold!  Hope the drain clears up.  😎

March 20, 2022

Ah that’s so annoying about the tap. Hope it gets sorted soon. RYN: was it hard when your kids left home? That’s the only thing I am dreading about being single. Take care and I look forward to reading you too x

March 21, 2022

Sounds like a nice evening off!