Another catch up

Not alot has gone on over the last few days. I’ve done a few chores at home, baked a healthy blueberry cake and made another salad. I’ve been sticking to eating healthier. Last night at work Lilly brought pizza. I watched her and Martys son eat it and I fed it to Marty but I ate my salad and slice of healthy cake instead. They were proud of me sticking to my new diet. Today I met Lilly for lunch at Texas Roadhouse and I had unsweetened ice tea, a small steak (instead of the largest one), salad and vegetables (instead of a baked sweet potatoe that I usually get). The only thing I had that I promised myself I wouldn’t was 2 of their rolls. I need to stop eating alot of carbs. Since I changed my eating habits I have had a lot less carbs. I just ate what I shouldn’t have today. Like I said before though, I’m not on a strict diet. It’s a change of eating habits. 

Work has been fine lately. Marty’s still ranting about his sister but says he finally had it out with her the other night and that they’ve made up. However he didn’t get the situation resolved. She still doesn’t think she should pay this atty bill. He’s still drinking alot but not been obnoxiously drunk lately. He finally told my brother he had to go with the other landscaping company. He really didn’t want to tell him though. You can tell he doesn’t like to disappoint anyone. Today he’s suppose to be going to his friends house for most of the day thus giving me an extra day off. Last night though he started feeling like he might be coming down with something so I’ve been trying to get ahold of him this afternoon to make sure he doesn’t need me there. If he doesn’t then I’ll go to my daughter’s to visit with her and her fiance. I don’t know whether to head over soon or not. 

I have an appointment Monday morning to get my new tires and alignment. Once that’s done I don’t have anymore big expenses for it… Just routine maintenance!

I think that’s all that’s been going on. There’s been a couple cooler days which has been nice. I hope everyone’s weather has been better too. Take care!

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3 weeks ago

Congratulations for keeping up with the healthy eating.  It takes a whole lot of will power.  It is a huge change in habits.  Keep it up and I don’t doubt you will feel better and better.  🙂