Another expense

I went out to my car this morning to go to my mom’s and my low tire pressure light is on again! I just filled the tires not even a month ago so it’s obvious I have a slow leak somewhere. I knew I would need to get new tires by winter but maybe it’s time to just get them out of the way. I called the tire shop that I use and they’re going to cost me $440 something for all 4 of them. I think I’ll wait if possible until after my appointment at the Kia dealer on July 1st just to make sure there’s nothing else wrong with my car where I’m going to have to shell out money. I drained most of my savings to get this car so I only have about $675 left and I already have to pay $135 for the diagnostic at that appointment. I’ve been trying to add to my savings monthly but this month things were tight with me needing to transfer my plates to my car and renew my registration as well as restock my dog food and treats and my groceries were a little more than they’ve been since I changed my shopping. So no money was added this month. 

Yesterday I did my registration. Thankfully I signed in online. It said there was an average of an hour 15 minute wait sho I didn’t even head over there until that time was up. They’re was a nice line waiting and they were frustrated at how long they had to wait outside. I got there and only had to wait about 10-15 minutes before going in and waiting on my number to be called. The people couldn’t believe I skipped them all. So I explained to them what I did and about half of them left and said next time they’ll do what I did. I knew better. Ever since Covid started they’ve been backed up longer than usual. I have no idea why. 

While at my moms today my brother’s girlfriend whom from now on I’m just going to call my “sister in law” … came over with the baby,  my “niece”. She’s just so darned adorable! I’m going to start buying her stuff whenever I can. I love having a baby around again. As long as I can give her back, lol. Here she is below…

Everytime I see her I think she looks more and more like my brother. I’ll be surprised if she isn’t his biological daughter. Though I’m sure we’ll never really know for sure. That’s ok to me. I’ll gladly call her my niece. 

I gotta stop by my mom and dad’s in a little bit for my dad to fill my tires again then I have to run to Sam’s Club to get my water and stuff. I’m running real low. 

Oops, dad just text me to come now so I guess I’ll stop here. Have a good day my friends!

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June 8, 2021

I hope you are able to get through your busy day without too much pain. I’m sorry to hear about the tires. It could be a problem with the gauge.

June 8, 2021

She is absolutely adorable!