Another expense

When we had heavy rains recently that caused flash floods I knew I’d get dinne water in my basement because just this year it started to leak through the one wall in my basement. However what I wasn’t expecting was for the amount of water I got. This is an older home. There is a pipe that goes into the one wall at the bottom of my stairs and the foundation around it wore away and it looked like someone turned on a faucet the way it was coming from that hole into my basement. I checked with my homeowner’s insurance to see if they was covered though I figured it wouldn’t be. I was right! Luckily for me my brother knows someone who does that kind of work and is contacting him to see what it’d cost me to fix it. When it rains I’ll likely get light amounts of water in the basement unless we get food like rains again. **Sigh**

Yesterday my boss needed me to go to the liquor store again and this time he sent me with his ID to see if they’d let me use his credit card. They would not. They said if I could get him on the phone they’d make an exception but it was too early and the caregiver wasn’t there to answer the phone. I ended up paying for it again and he’ll write me a check this week for it. I also had to go to Walmart and get his beer, Gatorade and food for his son. I was able to use his card there! When I got to his house later I told him all of this and he was frustrated. So he called Discover and added me to his account and asked for a card in my name. I was shocked! I hadn’t expected that at all. He said it’s because he trusts me. Then he contacted his medical provider to get me added as a caregiver on his medical marijuana card so I could pick up his supply. Now he’s talking about getting his van back from the other girl and wants me to take him and his son to get their Covid vaccines. I don’t mind doing this stuff since I’m not all that busy outside of work but I don’t get paid any extra to do any of it. It’s more of like I’m doing it as a favor. My mom understands why I’m coming it but she thinks I should be paid for it since it’s outside of work hours. 

Last night he got in a big fight with his sister over money. I kinda just sat there and looked at my phone so that I wasn’t in much of their business. It felt awkward. He’s trying to get his $70,000 from her and she’s throwing a fit saying he’s ruining her dreams because she was going to use the money towards a house and later pay it back when her house sold. It’s been over 2yrs that they made this agreement and she is still not actively looking for homes. Apparently he says he made a bad stock decision and it’s costing him $65,000 so he needs his money to cover that. She wants to see proof that this is the case and that he’s not just trying to take the money from her. I believe he’s lying about that but I’m not positive. I think he just doesn’t trust her to ever get the money back to him so he wants it now. She argued with him some and then finally walked out and slammed the door. Then she started texting him relentlessly about it and instead of just telling her he needs the money and that’s that he goes on to say he’ll take an equity line of credit out of his boar and give it back to her. When he told me he told her this I told him that’s not a good idea. He’s already having financial difficulties and he can’t afford a house payment again plus his attorney for his trust paid his house off 2yrs ago and she will not be happy if he does this.  He told me he didn’t think of those things. He just tries to make everyone happy at his own expense. Lilly showed up right before I was leaving and she told him everything I did and she says tell her that he doesn’t know if he can get the line of credit and that he can’t promise it’ll happen that way he can just say later that he couldn’t get it. His sister immediately said that she wanted him to sign a paper saying she’ll get the money back. He refused and she got upset saying he’s ruining their relationship. It would have never gotten this far if he’d stop trying to please everyone all the time. 

Oh, and he figured out why his American Express card wasn’t working… turned out that it had a big balance charged on it that he had no knowledge of. It was Angel stealing from him again. Almost $500 of it at liquor stores! All on the same day! And what will he do about it… absolutely nothing! He wants her to just pay him back. I don’t think that will happen. Meanwhile she wants her paycheck! SMH! 

Anyway that’s enough about that! I have a few chores to do around home and then I’m off to work again today. I really could use a night off! Take care my friends!

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Good luck with the flooding Mama. 🙂 Also, that is fishy that he would give you a card too. Does he expect you to buy his weed???

July 21, 2021

@kartoffeltorte Yes but it’s all on his credit. Giving me a card on his credit account isn’t fishy to me. He needs me to be able to buy his liquor, weed, groceries, etc… and sometimes places won’t allow you to use a credit card not in your name. Now I’ll be able to do that.