Birthday disappointment

Today is the day my brothers girlfriend and my mom are putting together a picnic and birthday gathering for me since I never got my DQ ice cream cake on my birthday. My brothers girlfriend has been trying  to put this together for over a week but my brother’s couldn’t find time to get together with everyone. So I was really excited for today… to see everyone, have got dogs and hamburgers on the grill,  potatoe salad, baked beans, etc… and of course my ice cream cake. Then my mom calls me and tells me she has bad news….DQ was closed today.. so no ice cream cake. I got upset because this whole thing was put together so that I could get my ice cream cake and now I’m not going to. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be nice to see everyone and visit but I’m still not that happy. I don’t like regular plain birthday cake. That’s how I’ve been since I was a kid. It’s either ice cream cake (almost every birthday) or a specialty cake like banana nut, carrot, strawberries and cream, e.t.c.  I will settle for chocolate if I have to at someone’s party but white or yellow cake I generally don’t eat. Now tonight I have to play happy and eat a slice of whatever cake is bought.  I’m really bummed by this. I think one day soon I’m just going to go buy myself an f’n ice cream cake. This years birthday has got to be the worst birthday I’ve ever had. If only my brothers could have made the time to get together last Thursday like was originally planned then we wouldn’t be in this position. My kids won’t be at this get together. My daughter doesn’t like my mom or my brothers anymore and doesn’t have anything to do with them. And my son doesn’t care much for them either. So tonight is just my 2 brother’s, my parents and my one brothers girlfriend and her kids. And they’re doing all this later when I’m usually already in bed to read for the night. I’m staying up though because this was the only time they could manage it. 

My daughter finally made it over here to put together my floor lamp/ table yesterday. It’s nice to finally have enough light to see my adult coloring books. I worked on a picture for a little bit today. 

Until I head to my parents house I’m relaxing with my dogs and watching House Hunters. Some of these people on here are so stuck up and some expect to get every little thing they want without increasing their budget. I yell at the TV often. That’s all today. Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone!

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3 weeks ago

What I find amusing is that people on House Hunters will come in with a budget and then also have a long, long list of  ‘must-haves’ and their poor real estate agent will have to patiently explain that the two do not match and they can’t get everything they want. And I get frustrated when they fixate on paint color or carpeting when those are the two things you can easily do to make the house your own style.

I’m sorry about the ice cream cake. Do you have a Baskin Robbins or another store where they sell ice cream cakes? If not, I think you definitely should buy one for yourself and keep it all for yourself, as a birthday present to yourself! I hope you enjoy the family get-together even though it’s not exactly what you wanted.

My worst birthday was when I turned 17. I was on an educational trip with two friends on a tour in Europe. We happened to be in Rome and it was blazing hot and all three of us came down with a terrible case of the stomach flu. We were really miserable and we all decided that once we were well we would go straight home and forget the rest of the trip. Anyway, it was the first time I’d been sick while I was away from home and somehow not having my Mom to come and check on me really, really made me homesick! We all got better quickly and we went on to have a fabulous trip, but I still recall all these years later what a sucky birthday it was!

3 weeks ago

@darkmadonna No Baskin Robbins around here I don’t think. I did end up with an ice cream cake. It was from Giant Eagle. Not quite as good as DQ but it was alright. Good effort on my brothers girlfriends part. 

3 weeks ago

I agree 100% with how you are feeling.  Our kids will never understand how deeply it hurts you when they pull stuff like this.  The worst part to me is you have to stay up and out and spunky when you should be chilling out kicking back in bed reading.

3 weeks ago

My realtor was on that show a couple years ago or one like it…. it was almost all fake. Buyers always already have house picked out and in process of buying.

3 weeks ago

I will eat almost cake. I love buttercream the best though. I am listening to a creepy pasta on Spotify.