Busy Couple Days

Things have been good lately though I have been busy each day. What a change from say…6 months ago? I use to only have a few household chores to do and would play with my dogs, work on online puzzles, cook and bake and watch lots of TV then read for 3-4 hrs every night. Now I’m almost always running around doing something. I still visit with my mom every morning but after that I come home and eat lunch then am keeping up on my chores, running errands for Marty or even myself, going to lots of doctor appointments lately, then cooking my dinner to take to Marty’s. Then I go to work for 5hrs and come home to read about an hour before bed.  It’s a nice change of pace. On my day off I felt anxious just sitting and watching TV. I felt like I needed to be doing something, needed to be somewhere. 

Lately I’ve also been placing some orders for things that I’ve wanted or needed and yesterday 3 of the 4 orders came at once. It was nice. I needed some new tennis shoes before winter so I got them. Turns out they’re not going to hold up to the snow and water with the material they’re made of so I’m going to need to find a different pair. These are nice though and extremely comfortable. I’ll enjoy them anyhow. I also loaded up on lots of bath and body works body creams and shower gels as well as a few of their foaming hand soaps. I tried my White Coconut Caramel one and it smells great! As does each of my body creams and shower gels. I also started a Super Chewer Barkbox subscription for my dog Tito to get him some tough toys. That came yesterday too. So far he’s gotten some great toys that he loves there have been a couple he pays no attention to. My final delivery is set for the 20th. I started Christmas shopping since I got a great sale on candles at Bath and Body Works. They had them buy 2 get 2 free. I got them for my mom and for Marty. 

The Healthy eating is still going strong! I’m doing very well except the other day when Marty bought us Olive Garden. I had wanted to try their Asiago Tortelloni with Grilled Chicken in Alfredo Sauce. It was SO GOOD!!! It was also 1950 calories!! So I really splurged that day! Yesterday I made these Healthy Morning Glory Muffins. They are made with wheat flour, grated carrots, grated apple, dried cranberries, walnuts, applesauce, orange juice and instead of sugar maple syrup. They’re delicious and low calorie! I still will only eat one a day and I gave my mom 8 of them and may be giving her more so they don’t go bad. I’m really liking eating healthier and only having something that’s not the best choice once in awhile. 

Well that catches me up pretty well. I have to go grab some laundry and do my dishes before heading into work. Take care everyone!

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September 16, 2021

And you have sounded so much more enthusiastic about things.  It’s nice to hear about everything.  I love Bath & Body Works.  😎

September 17, 2021

I really need to start eating healthier. Send some of your motivation my way, please.

Bath and body works is awesome!