Can’t catch a break

Between getting my car, fixing the problems with my car and putting new tires on it I have drained my savings account. And after getting the tires and alignment done today my engine light came back on. I have no money left to fix my car with, at least not until I’m paid in 2 weeks and even then it’s not alot of money. When I had the car at the Kia dealership they did an inspection and said that nothing else was wrong with my car besides needing the alignment and tires. If that was the case then why is my engine light back on again? I have to take it to my dad to check the code and see what it says is wrong. Hopefully it’ll be able to tell. Last time he did it he got a code that didn’t say what was wrong and I had to bring it to the dealership to find out. I’m afraid it’ll be another one of those situations and they are expensive. I’ve never had so many problems with a car in all the cars I’ve owned till now. This sucks! I feel like lately I’m working just to be able to fix my car. I just want it to be all fixed and able to be reliable like my last car was. It needs to last as many years as possible. Being disabled and unable to do much because of the pain I live with everyday I can’t afford much. My disability pay isn’t alot. It just covers all my monthly bills. When anything else comes up it has to come out of the little money I make now working part time. I got use to living like this since I’ve been disabled for so many years but it sure never gets any easier. It’s times like these when I start getting depressed again. I just want to be able to have my bills paid, a roof over my head,  food to eat, a car that’s reliable and have myself and my dogs healthy. I don’t need materialistic things. I don’t need vacations or little trips anywhere even though I do miss being able to do that. I don’t need a beautiful home, just a home that keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I just need the basic things so I can take care of myself and my dogs. Well I guess that’s enough of that. 

I went to lunch with Lilly the other day and I ate a small steak instead of the big one I usually get.  I got fresh vegetables instead of the baked sweet potatoe with brown sugar and cinnamon that I usually get. I had a salad and unsweetened ice tea. The only splurge I had was that I had 2 of their rolls. I know I shouldn’t have but I’ve been eating very well everyday. I don’t think eating that once will do too much damage. Then last night I went to dinner with my daughter and her fiance. I got a dinner entree salad with grilled chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and kale. It had alot of other little stuff in it and was only 440 calories without the chicken. I had water with lemon and 1 strawberry margarita. I’m doing really well compared to what I use to eat and I’m feeling good. I do miss my desserts as does my daughter. I told her about my healthy blueberry cake and she says that the words healthy and cake soft be in the same sentence. She wants none of it. She said not to bring her any desserts if they’re healthy ones. She’ll only accept good stuff like cheesecake bites, cake and cookies, e.t.c… Today for dinner I’m making a kale and brussel sprouts salad that has dried cranberries, sliced almonds and some Romano cheese in it as well as a homemade dressing. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. I’ll take that to work with me to eat tonight as well as several bottles of water with lemon. I’m really enjoying my water that way. And tomorrow for dinner is a hamburger with no bun and corn on the cob. Usually I would have 2 cheeseburgers on bun so this should be better for me. I’m really proud of myself sticking to this so well. 

Well I guess that’s all for today. I hope everyone is doing good. Take care my friends!

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3 weeks ago

I am proud of you too

3 weeks ago

You’re doing super on your new eating plan. I too like to call it a new lifestyle rather than a diet, because I intend to eat this way for the foreseeable future. You are making healthy choices. It isn’t reasonable to go without treats forever, so the rolls and the strawberry margarita seem OK to me.

3 weeks ago

@darkmadonna That’s how I explain it too, a lifestyle change or new eating habits. I plan to stick with this. I need to.