Catching up with my son

Yesterday morning I got a surprise! My son dropped by to catch up with me and sleep here till he had to go home and change clothes and head to work. We haven’t seen each other for just about 3 weeks. That’s a long time for me to go without seeing him. It’s been a little hard getting use to it. He caught me up on what’s going on with his life and told me a few things going on in his dad’s and sisters life. I feel bad for his dad… alittle anyway, lol. His girlfriend is having a major mental breakdown. I guess when she was a young girl her father raped her and went to jail. Recently he’s been released and it’s messed with her head. It’s gotten so bad she’s lost her high paying great job at Apple. She’s lost touch with reality and is thinking she’s friends with Mike and Ronny from Jersey Shore. And she’s accepted messages from strangers on Facebook and has given out her address, phone # and even her boyfriend’s (my son’s dad’s) # to these men. One of which has her believing he’s 50 Cent. She’s been hospitalized numerous times for 3 day holds in the mental ward. She’s not getting any better. It’s a sad situation!

My son has decided to finally quit working at the bar that he’s been at for 2yrs. But instead of pursuing a good job (He’s had several great offers) he’s decided that he wants to start training in boxing again and just work side jobs that come up. He says he’s mad at himself for giving up on that when he was almost ready for his first fight. Now he wants to pursue it and get at least one fight under his belt. Then he will look for a good job. I’m worried about that. I’m afraid it’ll go nowhere and he’ll be completely broke and depressed if he doesn’t make it into a fight. There’s nothing I can do though. I’ve given him lots of advice and he mostly doesn’t follow any of it. Other than that there’s nothing I can do. All I can do is sit back and pray he is able to make better decisions about his life and pray he’s going to be alright. 

Work has been alright! Marty is still fighting with his sister over his part of the inheritance. She now claims it wasn’t $140,000 as he believed. It was only $123,000. In the meantime he realized he had the attorney paperwork and had me look it up. The paperwork started the amount was $131,069.91. So he brought that to her attention. She insisted it was not that much and provided him a screenshot of a wire transfer for the $123,000. Now she’s saying she wants to question her attorney as to why she didn’t get the $131…I don’t understand it. He finally just relented and accepted what she was offering to give him. She says he ruined the relationship the 2 of them had. It’s sad that money had come between once close siblings. The workday was short yesterday because the caregiver that was suppose to get Marty out of bed never showed up until after 4pm. He had to stay in bed all that time. I felt bad for him! I didn’t have to go in until just about 6pm. I made us the Bbq pineapple chicken Quesadillas but I used less bbq sauce and substituted whole wheat tortillas for the flour tortillas. They were good but not as good as they used to be. I only ate 2 instead of the usual 4 I use to eat also. He says he loved them and wants me to make them again sometime. 

Tonight and tomorrow is Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad  for dinner. I’ll either use my balsamic vinaigrette or raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I’m going to also make these frozen yogurt fruit cups for my mom and I add a snack item. They look and sound good accept I never liked yogurt. I’m willing to try them though. 

I haven’t weighed myself yet and don’t plan to but I have noticed a difference in my stomach. I’m hardly worth the progress so far. 

That’s all for today. Gotta go prepare the salad and yogurt cups. Then into work again in a bit! Take care everyone! 

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2 weeks ago

A friend has a saying, you can’t put old heads on young shoulders.  I am sorry about the terrible shape his girlfriend is in.  I am glad you keep giving him advice.  Maybe eventually he will follow it.  😎