Covid test… part 2

So last night after having to call the Urgent Care every hour for 4+hours I finally was called in to get my Covid test. I don’t understand how it took this place so long to go through all the people wanting tests when the test itself took a matter of minutes. I was a little upset because I couldn’t cook dinner because I never knew when I’d have to run out for the test. So I decided I’d order in my favorite salad again.  The last time I called the Urgent Care to check where in line I was they told me they’d get to me in about 2 hours. She said to call in an hour to make sure though. I told her that gave me time to order my dinner and eat and she agreed. After I ordered dinner, about 10 minutes later they called me to come in. No time for my order to even arrive, let alone eat. So I had to call my daughter and have her come to my house to bring my order inside once it arrived. When I got back she was still at my house. She had decided to order a pizza to my house to bring to get house and eat. So wer started clear across the room from one another and she wore her mask the whole time while I ate my dinner. So glad that’s over work!

I guess my daughter’s boyfriend misunderstood what his brother told him the other day and his grams doesn’t have Covid after all. So that’s good news. My mom should get her other results tomorrow. I guess the rapid test gives you an answer but then the final results come in a couple days later. They get alot of false positives and false negatives on the rapid test. I’m hoping her test turns out to be a false positive. That would be great!

Today is just the start of the long days ahead. At least until I know if I text negative or not. Just sitting in the house all day everyday makes for a long day. I already do that most of the day everyday but getting out to my mom’s in the morning and the occasional shopping trip at least breaks up my day once in awhile. I honestly doubt I have Covid and really hope my results come in sooner than later. I have a couple of things I need from the store. At least now that Thanksgiving dinner is canceled I don’t have to get all the ingredients for what I was going to make. 

Since I didn’t cook last night again I’m going to make the kielbasa today. Otherwise today I don’t have anything else to do besides the dishes. I just hope this day goes by faster than it has so far!

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6 days ago

Praying for good results for you both!

6 days ago

I hope you get a negative test result

I hope that your COVID test is negative.

6 days ago

If our numbers continue to go up we won’t be having a family Christmas or any other holiday till there is no more virus. And even the schools here will close so that really tells you something.  But what is another million sick and dead?  I wonder when half of the USA will be sick and the other half will be dead?  This has to stop and people are not doing enough to stop this.