Dog rescue

My son messaged me the other day that he can’t stop thinking about that dog that followed him home that we had to turn over to the dog warden. He said he couldn’t bear thinking about her being in a cage all lonely and he felt he connected with her that night he brought her home. He was talking about a couple of people that are regulars of his at the bar that had said they’d rather take her than to allow her to stay at the dog pound so he was going to reach out and see if they were serious and see if they’d get her. Before I knew it he got back to me again and said that he was going to adopt her himself. He called the pound and found out that no owner had come forward and no one has inquired about adopting her. They charge $150 adoption fee and ask that you fill out an application. So he was going to get paid at work last night and my daughter was going to take him to the pound to turn it in and get her. My daughter is completely on board with him adopting her and bringing her into her house. Even her fiance was fine with it. They think this is something that may settle him down a little and change him a little. I just hope he doesn’t get bored with her and leave my daughter and her fiance to take care of her. So hopefully sometime today he will have her. I’m proud of him being so caring and loving. 

Speaking of dogs, my Tito is pooped! I took him with me to my mom’s this morning so he was outside with us and playing with my mom’s dog for 3hrs. When I got him home he went out potty then chased me around trying to get my broom while I swept my stairs and hallway. Now he’s plopped down in and out of sleep relaxing. All that fresh air usually puts him to sleep awhile afterward. 

I made a cream cheese apple cake yesterday and OMG it is SO GOOD! It’s topped with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped pecans before you bake it and it roasts those pecans. I’ll definatly be making it again! Tonight for dinner I’m doing my bbq pineapple chicken quesadillas.

Well that’s about all for now. I hope everyone is staying cool and having a good week!

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June 10, 2021

That is wonderful about the dog.  I suppose he will be able to name her himself.