Dysfunctional family

I feel for my daughter and her fiance right now. His family is quite dysfunctional then again so is ours. Poor kids! Anyway, last week they got a call from his brother saying he was going on a week vacation to Las Vegas Vegas his wife and could they stop by and take care of the horses a couple times a day and check on their grams who lives there also. So my daughter went to clean the stalls and feed the horses and found that they haven’t been being taken care of very well. The stalls were disgusting! Instead of cleaning them out and putting fresh bedding in they’d been just throwing fresh bedding on top of the horse shit. My daughter doesn’t 6hours cleaning the stalls out completely. She found it was so bad that there was mold growing under it all. Then to top it all off he didn’t leave enough fresh bedding or food for more than a couple days so my daughter had to use her own money to go buy enough bedding and food to get by  for a week. The day after all this took place she got a call that grams was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. So my daughter had to take a day off work to get her there and stay with her. It turned out she had very bad kidney stones. Since then my daughter and her fiance have been taking turns spending the night with grams because she’s unable to do everything for herself. During all of this they got several calls from his brother asking for money. First it was that he didn’t bring enough money for the week and was not going to be able to get back home. So my daughter’s fiance gave him $150 which pissed his brother off because he’d asked for $300. Mind you, his brother has borrowed money from him many times and he rarely gets it back. The next phone call from him was to whine and cry that his wife ran off with some guy she met online and left him stranded. He wanted more money to get out of there. Thankfully my daughter and her fiance refused to give any more. They’re out almost $400 now between taking care of the horses and sending money to him the first time. This guy’s wife is a mess. She’s left him several times for men she’s met online but when she comes back he always gives in and takes her back. They’ve all told him he needs to cut his losses. Supposedly he’s going to start heading home tomorrow sick should get him here by Tuesday but he’s run off to other states before and stayed for months on end so they don’t know if he’ll be back when expected or not. And all this time all of this is going on with grams… he didn’t call her once to check on her. Also they found that he forged grams name on loans and such that he hasn’t paid on in months so now poor grams is getting all kinds of collector calls. He also didn’t pay their cell phones and grams got shut off the day she went into the hospital. 

I worry this is too much on my daughter and her fiance. They’re both working full time jobs and have dogs and cats at home too take care of. Plus my daughter suffers from depression and ADHD and she hasn’t had her meds for them for a couple months now because she’d started at a new company and has to wait for insurance to start. It’s suppose to soon if it hasn’t just recently. She really needs to get an appointment and get back on her meds. 

As for me… all is pretty normal here. I got my hair cut yesterday. First time without a mask in over a year. I wear it anyway even though I’m vaccinated but she asked me to remove it for a minute when she had the razor out around my ears. When I remarked that I was vaccinated so if she was comfortable then so was I she just had me leave it off. I’ve heard of many people still getting Covid after being vaccinated so I prefer to leave the mask on most of the time. 

I made fajita quesadillas for dinner tonight and my loaded potatoe and broccoli soup last night. Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’m making yet. I have alot to choose from. 

That’s all from me today. Take care and stay cool my friends. 

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3 weeks ago

Your meals always sound delicious. Glad you got out to get a haircut! I get my first one in a year and a half week after next and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sorry for your daughter and her fiancé being saddled with a dysfunctional family and someone who constantly bilks them out of money. Those poor horses! They deserve better.