Favorite memory

30 day challenge: day 24 – write a letter to the person that gave you your favorite memory.

My favorite memory is me giving birth to my children. So I guess that would mean a letter to one of the kids dads. I already wrote a letter to my son’s dad if I remember correctly so this will be to my first husband Chuck. 


I don’t regret marrying you at all! I have fond memories of the time we were together for the most part. Of course it wasn’t perfect, thus the divorce. However it was more good than bad. You gave me one of the best gifts of all… our daughter! We were very young when we found out I was pregnant with her but I know neither of us would change anything. You were so happy when you found out I was pregnant and you were a great partner during the pregnancy. You were always there for me and taking care of me. I’ll never forget that. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for our marriage but I’m glad we have always remained friends. You are and always were a terrific dad to our daughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. We don’t keep in touch too often anymore since our daughter has grown up and that’s ok. Just know that I’m still always here for you if you need anything. I wish you and Karen all the best. 


Chuck eventually got back together with his ex girlfriend that he broke up with to be with me. They have a 7 or 8yr old daughter together and live in West Virginia with her 2 other daughters from her previous marriage. My daughter and her sister are like 17yrs apart in age. Crazy huh?

After visiting with my mom this morning I had to drive a half hour away to the vet’s office. They gave me another script for Bailey for her weak bladder. It helps her bladder to not let loose randomly. She’s never purposely gone potty in the house. But her bladder started letting loose since she gotten old. She’ll lay in her bed and then get up and there will be a big wet spot. I can’t keep her on this script for the rest of her life so after this one runs out I’ll just start purchasing diapers. They’re cheaper than the script.

I started my laundry when I got home and messaged my son Happy Birthday and told him to let me know what time he wants to go to dinner. He said he’d do that. In the meantime I’ll finish my laundry and watch my show while cuddling with and playing with my dogs. Not much needs done today otherwise. 

I don’t know about where everyone else lives but here is really cold today! Take it easy and stay warm friends!

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Happy Birthday to your son. Have fun with him tonight.

7 days ago

@seablue4u Thank you! I’m sure I will!

7 days ago

My aunt made her dog a diaper kind of thing and she uses that for her dog and it can be washed also. And happy birthday to your son…..