First Impressions

30 day challenge: day 21 – write a letter to someone you judged by their first impression.

This letter is the hardest letter to write because I don’t judge people on their first impressions. I had to sit and rack my brain trying to find just one person that I might have judged on a first impression and I can’t come up with one. I myself have been judged on a first impression many times. I can’t tell you how many people later come to me and say “When I first met you I thought  …” Fill in the blank with any of the following

  • I thought you were stuck up
  • I thought you were shy
  • I thought you were a bitch
  • I thought you were a slut

Those were the usual things people came up with. They then apologize and we laugh about it and usually become great friends. I don’t think it’s right to judge someone based on your first impression. Get to know them for crying out loud! Not everyone becomes friends out of that. I once was stalked and almost raped because of someone’s impression of me being a slut and I hadn’t even had sex at that time of my life. It was all because I was pretty and had a lot of guy friends. I also almost got jumped once in high school because I was shy and quiet around alot of people. I went to an inner city high school that had alot of gang activity and murders and drugs, e.t.c.  Someone decided in junior high that because I was quiet that I was stuck up and from there on started threatening me, smeared gum through my hair, and shoved me into the lockers. High school got better in my sophomore and junior year then my parents moved us to a different city and me to a different high school my senior year. 

So anyway no letter for this one. 

I made my eggnog mousse yesterday and unfortunately it didn’t set very well. I should have just made it the way I always make my mousse but instead I followed the recipe directions. That didn’t work. It still tasted really good just not thick enough. I ended up not making dinner at all last night. After eating my lunch I just wasn’t hungry enough to eat dinner. I did eat some ice cream before bed though. There’s always room for ice cream! Today I don’t have anything going on. Just going to watch TV and relax most of the day. I do want to sweep my stairs and bedroom at some point though. I just started watching season 2 of In The Dark. It’s pretty good.

Well that’s all. Have a great day!

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2 weeks ago

I have to admit that I have always judged by first impressions and then as the friendship went on I was mostly right in what I thought.  But there is always good qualities in people even though the friendship does takes years to become stronger.

I think sometimes first impressions are needed especially if there is a trust issue that you have seen or heard about, like you heard someone is an alcoholic and it turns out to be true.

By the way there is this page on Facebook of a friend of mine she does this as a job and is very good at it. I think you would be good at this also and make a ton of money and she self taught herself.

the page is called carlas yummy creations

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I checked out that page on Facebook but it’s definitely not something I could do. My hands aren’t steady enough to do creative beautiful creations like those. And I don’t have the know how. Thanks though. 

2 weeks ago


I would think that what you do know would help a lot plus there are lots of places you can learn like YouTube.  But from what you do do is awesome and I think you could make a business out of what yo do best.

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I could never make a business out of it because I couldn’t physically keep up in a business. Too much pain being on my feet. It hurts alot just making my dinner and occasional dessert. I also couldn’t make a business because disability would cut me off completely then and I’d never be able to work enough in said business to support myself. 

2 weeks ago

I like to see that you don’t judge by first impressions.  Your exoeriences in school are horrifying.  😎


2 weeks ago

@tracker2020 Junior high and the beginning of high school was scary. Then everything got better. I hated moving to a new school my senior year. I wanted to graduate with my friends. 

2 weeks ago

@mamaqueenie518 I too was moved to new school senior year.  I did okay there but still sucked I was moved from New Jersey to California the year before.  😎

2 weeks ago

Oh no that’s too bad your egg nog mousse didn’t turn out

2 weeks ago

Junior high was so awful…sorry you went through what you did

2 weeks ago

I was painfully quiet and shy, and I still have some amount of social anxiety (I just know how to hide it now!). People have always thought that I’m stuck up because of it, and it can sometimes take awhile for people to warm up to me.