Follow up

I had my follow up appointment with my foot doctor yesterday. I’m now in a huge air boot! It’s heavy to lug around and it’s very hot in these higher temps we’ve been having. However, it feels SO GOOD on my usually very sore foot! It’s the last step before the doctor sends me for an MRI and possible surgery following that. Since it seems to be helping I may not have to go that route. I guess only time will tell. I’m not suppose to be overdoing it and am to limit stairs so no doing laundry at Marty’s. Guess someone else is going to have to step up for a bit. 

Speaking of Marty… he was talking to Candy yesterday about her possible move to Ohio and in with him. She’s suppose to be here by the end of the month if she’s really coming. I’m on the fence whether to believe her or not. Most of the time I feel like she’s stringing him along and taking his money and not really going to come stay with him. Then they’ll talk on the phone or get to chatting online and it’ll sound real positive. Even if she does come here and move in with him she’s going to be using him for his money. Some days he tells me he sees that and others he’s not so sure. Then there’s the question on whether she’ll be staying awhile or not. She says this isn’t going to be her forever home and when she comes Marty is going to have to get rid of a caregiver or 2. He says there’s no way he’s letting me go and that he’ll keep Lilly on part time to help out Candy. Angel is already gone…I forgot to write about that. She still keeps contacting him for money though, like that will ever stop! Anyway now Tina is in her place. He’s going to get rid of Tina when Candy gets here. So the problem is that if Candy only stays a little while he’s going to have to find help all over again and Tina nor Angel will come back. I can’t do anything about any of it accept where I am concerned. I’ll be here for him and be his friend forever no matter what he does. 

You know he actually asked me to move in with him instead of Candy? At first I thought he was just joking or it was his wishful thinking. He sometimes says he wishes I could lift him then I could be his live in help. This time though he was serious and wanted me and my dogs to move in instead because he trusts me. I had to explain that I’m really happy on my own and I can’t move in with him. He was disappointed but understood. 

Last night we had a good time listening to music and chatting. I had done a few shots with him and was feeling pretty good. I cut myself off though when I knew I had to or else no driving home. He wanted me to keep up with him but I can’t do that and still drive home and I wasn’t willing to stay. My daughter was there tutoring his son and when she was about to leave she stopped and talked to us a bit. She was laughing at me! She hadn’t seen me have a drink in a very long time. 

Well that’s all for today. I’m going to relax with my dogs till work and watch my Army Wives. I hope everyone is doing well today. Take care!

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September 18, 2021

Marty’s place is quite bustling with caregivers.

September 19, 2021

@tracker2020 You’d think… though it’s more a revolving door of caregivers coming and going. Hard to find just one when you need them most of the time.