Fraudulent activity

So I was right all along! The one caregiver Angel was responsible for the fraud on Marty’s credit card. She admitted to one of the biggest charges and it’s easy to figure out she’s responsible for the rest. Apparently she got these cash advances from the Casino/ Gaming place near here and it sounds like when he reported the charges as fraud it alerted the Gaming place. They have reached out to Angel and told her if she doesn’t pay it back within so many days then she’s going to jail for fraud for like 15 days. I doubt know if that’s true or not. She told Marty she must have done it in her fucked up state when she was drunk and/or high. After she left he looked into his other credit card she had access to and found 4 more cash advances equaling another $1000 as well as other fraudulent use. He hasn’t reported that as fraud to the card company because he doesn’t want her to get in more trouble. So far she owes him around $5000 if not more. I told him how I suspected that when she went to Walmart for him that she’s getting stuff for herself and her family as well because there’s no way the amount charged was for the little bit he’s getting. So he used his information from his card statement and looked up the Walmart receipt and every Walmart purchase had his stuff and hundreds of dollars of stuff for her and her family just like I suspected. I reminded him of the $60 she spent at Wendy’s and told him there’s no way what he ordered was $60. She had to have gotten food for her family as well.  He froze the card and says he took it from her but I don’t believe that. First he told me she couldn’t use it anymore because he put a freeze on it but later when I told him he needs to get it from her he says he did. He hates confrontation. He admits that! So he lets people walk all over him and steal from him. This woman isn’t even fired because she does so much for him he doesn’t know how he’ll get by without her. On top of all this his sister hasn’t given him his portion of their mother’s estate that he was suppose to get. She’s already spent $27,000 of it and she had been telling Marty all along that she was saving it to buy a house then when her house sold she’d give him his money. Now he needs a loan from that money for only $3400 for his landscaping that’s being done and every time he messages her that he needs it she responds about everything BUT the money he needs. She won’t acknowledge it… and it’s his money! He’s got so much drama going on but he refuses to confront these people. I’m staying out of it for the most part because I don’t need the drama. When he asks my advice I tell him he has to make those decisions for himself on how to handle it but that if it were me I’d at least confront them and especially take the credit card from Angel. Otherwise he’s on his own. There’s nothing I can do. I feel so bad for him on one hand and on the other I feel like he lets these people get away with everything and they’re going to continue to if he doesn’t put a stop to it. 

Yesterday was suppose to be my day off but he called me to come over. I have a feeling this is going to become a habit. Add long as he pays me I’ll keep coming over as long as I’m not busy with anything. Tonight is a normal workday. 

My daughter finally renewed her Sam’s Club membership so I can go get my cases of water tomorrow. I’m going through alot since it’s all I’m drinking anymore. I love it with lemon in it. I also have to go back to the grocery store so that I can get enough to get through the rest of the month. I’m not even missing what I use to eat and drink. I really am looking this change. It’s easy!

That’s all that’s going on here. I gotta go eat my lunch and do the dishes and stuff before going to work. Take care my friends!

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3 weeks ago

I don’t doubt the casino could be sure the fraud gets reported to the authorities.  It is a substantial amount and I think you get in trouble for even just $50 fraud.  Ugh.  He may be better off putting all his money in savings then transfer just the amount he thinks she will need to buy his lunch or items at Walmart or Sam’s club or wherever into his checking account.  That way no credit card fraud.  It is just all too bad for the way he is.  I am glad you are getting the work hours in.  It still has to be tiring even though you don’t have to do much.