Healthy eating

I’ve been coming very well on my new eating plan. Surprisingly after eating my salad for dinner I usually feel fully satisfied. There have been a couple days where I didn’t, where I still felt alittle hungry but I just try to ignore that. I’ve largely been eating mostly salads and fruit so far. I eat a sandwich for lunch but have been using the 35 calorie wheat bread. For breakfast I’m still eating my bagel but I am using weight watchers cream cheese. I’ve always used very little cream cheese anyway but this way it’s even better. I’ve not been snacking at all though I never really did that before anyway. As far as baking and having something sweet after dinner…I haven’t been having anything lately but I did download a recipe for a healthy oat and yogurt blueberry cake. I’ll be making that tomorrow. It’s hard to do the baking on workdays.

Yesterday was a day off and I went and got my hair cut then ran to Rulli bros for a few more vegetables and some meat. While there I got a text message asking me if I could work. He said he really needed me there. So so much for my day off. I worked 5-9 which was a little shorter shift.

I forgot to mention the other day that while working his sister came over with her daughter and daughters friend. The girls wanted to ride the 4- wheeler again. They do this several times a week or more. Well this time they wrecked it into a 5 foot ditch. Both girls were taken by ambulance straight to the hospital. Luckily they just had scrapes and bumps, nothing serious. The 4- wheeler wasn’t too badly damaged but damaged nonetheless. And guess who shows up yesterday while I was working asking if they could ride them again? I’d of said no because there were people who came forward that said they were driving crazy. I wouldn’t have allowed them back on them again but Marty is a pushover. He allowed them to. It didn’t last long though because the girls said the one rear wheel was wobbling. So Marty told them to park it. His niece is a spoiled brat! She drives him crazy. He’s also got a problem with his sister right now but he won’t confront her. He’s afraid if he does then she’ll be petty and take away his only transportation. Apparently when their mother died the title to the van was transferred to his sister since he doesn’t drive. The van is equipped to carry him in his specialty wheelchair. She also still hasn’t given him his portion of what money his mother left him. He’s afraid she’ll never give it to him if he confronts her. And that she’ll never want anything to do with him again which them means she’s not there to help him when he needs it. She’s taking advantage of him badly! I think he needs to contact his attorney and let her handle the matter as does his uncle. It’ll be a miracle if he listens though. In the meantime his sister still comes by acting like everything is normal and he sits there stewing.

I go to work alittle later. Before then I have to wash my dog’s diapers, make a fruit salad, paint my nails and maybe do the dishes. I also just recieved my new air fryer and need to open it up and find room for it in my kitchen. 

Stay cool my friends and stay safe!

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July 10, 2021

So glad the girls are okay! I hear about people dying in 4-wheeler accidents all the time.