Labor Of Love?

Have you ever heard of a show called Labor of Love? I found it on Hulu. It’s a reality show similar to that of The Bachelor but it’s a woman meeting men to raise a baby with. The very first episode the men all had to give a sperm sample to make sure they could even make a baby. The episode I’m on now the remaining men had to be hooked up to a stim unit to experience what it feels like to have labor pains. These men had no idea how much pain they were going to go through. Some of the men are such big babies themselves. It’s a fun show! I like reality TV shows. 

Today is another boring day. Nothing really going on. I’m spending the day cuddling and playing with my dogs and watching TV.  I tried one of the Banana Pudding Cheesecakes this afternoon and omg, it’s so good! It tastes like a banana cream pie kind of. My dad isn’t one for sweets but I think he’d like these. His favorite dessert is banana cream pie. I’ll send a few over to my mom tomorrow and make sure she saves one for him. 

My son had plans yesterday so he couldn’t come by and install my smoke alarms. I could do it but I’m so short I don’t think I could reach where they have to go even standing on a chair. I messaged him earlier to see if he can get away today sometime to come home and do that for me. I’m waiting to hear back.

Tonight I’m making a One Pot Cheesy Sausage and Pasta meal. It looks easy and yummy! 

I really don’t have anything else going on or anything to really talk about. So that’s all folks! Have a good day!

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3 weeks ago

wow that show sounds a little crazy! but I would watch it lol

3 weeks ago

These reality shows are not what they are suppose to be in my thoughts. the only one I think that is true is the one called Naked and Alone and all the Survivor show. I don’t whatch the reality shows they all seem so fake to me.

By the way I did make that casaba bean and rice dish you gave me the recipe for and hubby said he really liked it and wants me to make it again and I even liked it…thank you so much for giving that to me.  By the way the other recipes you have given me I have booked mark them also…..Thanks again.

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. It’s one of my favorites. 

3 weeks ago

I’ve heard of that show but haven’t watched it.

3 weeks ago

I’m short too. 5’1. 😛 Sometimes I’d like to be about 5 in taller.

3 weeks ago

Gavin and Genevieve told me to watch that show. I haven’t yet