Late birthday gathering

When I was visiting with my mom this morning my brother’s girlfriend and her 2 daughters came over. Her one daughter is 19, the other is almost 2. I couldn’t imagine having my kids that many years apart. The little one was rambunctious! I’ve been around her a little more lately so she’s getting quite comfortable around me. She kept wanting drinks out of my bottle of water and was having fun with my car key. It folds closed and you press a button and the key springs out. She loved it. She’s so cute! I can’t wait to spend more time with her this summer. 

My brothers girlfriend felt bad that my kids forgot my birthday and that I never got my ice cream cake so she’s rounded up my brother’s and her kids and is planning on getting us all together for dinner and ice cream cake either Thursday or Friday evening. Then she updated my phone number in her phone and said she’d be calling me or texting me to get out of the house more often and do things with her. She’s been in my brother’s life for about 12yrs now. I call her my sister in law. We hung out a couple times in the past but nothing more. I guess I’ll see where this goes. 

I’m going to my mom and dad’s this afternoon sometime so my dad can do my oil change. He also has to replace a valve that I had to go order today at the automotive store. It cost me $117. I guess that’s ok since my dad will do the work and I’m not charged like I would be at car repair shop. I just want to get it done so everything is in top shape when I’m driving. It makes me feel more secure. 

I got laundry going right now and am relaxing with my dogs until I have to go get that oil change. I’m just throwing a DiGiorno Pizza in the oven for dinner tonight. Nothing special.  That’s about it for me today. Take care and stay safe everyone!

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May 24, 2021

Pizza is special! LOL! Tonight we are having shrimp and scallops pasta bake. Noms!!

4 weeks ago

There is no better frozen pizza than DiGiorno.  It is thick and yummy.  The pieces are kind of small though when you do the cutting.   My SIL likes an ice cream cake for his birthday.  It has to be defrosted just right as not to melt when eating.  😊