Lost Dog

My son woke me up at 3:45 this morning barging into my house loudly and flipping on my hallway light right outside my bedroom. He scared the shit out of me! Turned out he walked from work to my house because it’s closest to there. On his way home a loose dog started following him, jumping up on him and licking him or gnawing on his hands… very friendly. And then it would dart out into traffic to chase a car. It had a collar on with no tags and had a lead attached that had broken loose. He decided to let it follow him home and wanted to know if we could keep it until the dog warden opened up in the morning. So he hooked her up on my dog’s lead out front and brought her blankets to lay on and a dish of food and water. He had previously called the police department and that’s what they suggested he do. This morning when I woke up I checked on the dog. She was so sweet! You could tell she’s still a puppy, albeit a big one. She just wanted to love on people and play. I posted photos of her on Facebook to a couple local groups hoping to find her owner. After a couple hours though my dogs wouldn’t stop going crazy either whining at the door or barking because they could hear her outside. I finally gave in and called the dog warden. I had to make sure she’d be ok going there and they said that if the owner isn’t found within so long they will adopt her out. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t euthanize dogs whose owners aren’t found. I never dealt with them before so I didn’t know. She’s now gone. I hope she isn’t too scared! 

My son is sleeping. He wanted to stay here also to make sure he got sleep but that he also would wake up in time to go grocery shopping with me later. I’m hoping to get going by 3pm. I know he works afterward. 

I had to make an appointment at the Kia dealer in town to get my car checked for that recall that it falls under. I go July 1st.  I have to have them hook it up to the diagnostic thing too in order to check on a light that’s on in my car. My dad checked it with his code reader but it says something about being a permanent fault. The service department said they think it means it can only be cleared by them. I can’t believe it’s $135 to just check it. That’s crazy! My dad is the one that does the car repairs for me. You wouldn’t believe how much the dealers or even the service shops inflate the price to fix things. My dad recently fixed a part on my car, the part cost me $117 and it took him only about 10 minutes to fix it. He looked up how much it would cost to take it somewhere to fix and it was around $500. Unbelievable! I avoid those places at all costs and just let my dad fix everything that he can fix. He use to be a mechanic in his younger days and has worked on cars in his spare time ever since. 

I guess that’s it for today! I’m not cooking since it’s grocery day. It’s raining quite a bit today and temps start going up again tomorrow to mid to high 80’s most days. Stay comfortable my friends and have a good day!

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3 weeks ago

What a way to wake up lol

3 weeks ago

You’re fortunate to have a dad who fixes cars! We are lucky to have found a wonderful, honest mechanic who is just down the street. He and his late partner serviced all our cars since the kids were in high school. We met them when Ben sold them a small ad in a baseball program for school.  So glad the dog will either find its owner or be adopted. She sounds like a keeper. I hope you have a good day!

3 weeks ago

Oh wow, what a wake up call 😂😂😂😂😂

And you have an amazing father, and I’m sure he must love you so much to always take care of your car for you …. Happy for you …. Have an amazing day ahead

3 weeks ago

Well I live in Florida . It rained a little bit here today. Nothing to write home about (haha). I am sure the puppy will be ok. I always wondered what I would do in that situation. I want a dog so bad.