Mental cases

I had my Pain Clinic appointment this morning. I swear they are constantly changing things around. They usually have you give them your pill bottles and they check the date on the bottle, the # of pills that were in the bottle and how many are left now. But today the lady refused to take my pill bottles. She asked me for the information then asked me to count them and tell her how many were left.  Uh… HELLO… people can lie and tell them any # of pills without them checking it. I have no reason to lie, I always have what I should but I can imagine many people getting away with lying now. 

Speaking of pills, my mom is on one for ADHD but she never takes it like she’s suppose to. A month’s prescription lists her maybe a week or 2. It causes her to have no appetite and to have lots of energy to do things, as well as really helps her concentration. We were talking today about it and she says she’s going to stay taking it as prescribed. ADHD runs in the family. My brother has it but no longer takes meds for it because when he started getting older (he’d been on them since he was in 1st grade) he started abusing them. One he got sober he got off then too. My son was diagnosed with it when he wad in 1st grade also but we never could get the right dosage or the right med for him. They all made him feel like a zombie he said. When he started getting into his teen years he started spitting them out after I’d give it to him and walking away. He’d pretend he’d take them. I got tired of fighting with him about it and decided to just let him quit taking them altogether. Now my daughter is on a med for the same thing. I hope it helps her. She, like me has no addictive bones in her body so I’m not worried about her misusing them. 

Instead of ADHD I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder,  Anxiety and Depression but recently they said the depression and anxiety were under control. I feel like the meds they put me on work great. The Bipolar is there but as long as I take my meds it’s also controlled. I feel great!

Yesterday my soup came out really good. In fact I saved some for today for lunch before bringing the rest to my mom and dad. I also ate one of the Peanut Butter Cup Brookies. They are so yummy! Today for dinner I’m making Baked Chicken Taquitos. I’ve been making them for about a year and a half. They are good and easy to make. 

I’m going to cuddle and play with my dog and watch Cougar Town the rest of the afternoon and get ahold of my son to remind him that I needed him to mow the lawn and take the air conditioners out tomorrow. Friday my dad is going to do my oil change so I can’t pick him up to do the lawn that day. He better be able to do it tomorrow. 

That’s all today folks… have a good day!

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September 16, 2020

Maybe the pain clinic was really busy today and they wanted to speed things up a bit?

September 16, 2020

@jaythesmartone Quite the opposite! It was dead in there. Quieter than usual. 

September 16, 2020

my mothers pain clinic has never counted her pills… if she takes too many she would have to suffer until the refill them

September 16, 2020

@kaliko They count ours to make sure we’re taking them properly. If your short you can be kicked out of the program. 

September 17, 2020

I think it’s lovely the way you share the food you’ve prepared with your mother and father.  I bet they really appreciate it.