My Sunday

This morning I went to visit with mom a bit. It was nice sitting outside this morning, cool and comfortable. Afterwards I went home and folded all my sons laundry then just relaxed and watched TV a bit. About 2:00 my son was ready to come home and mow the lawn. He wasn’t happy about it, being that it’s his day off work and he wasn’t wanting to do any work but I told him it needed done today or tomorrow so to take his pick. He decided today was fine. After his shower he went up and took a shower then loaded up all his clean clothes to take them with him back to where he stays. I dropped him off and came home only to find my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion missing. The little shit took it with him for his feet! Wth? He’s lucky I just went and bought 2 more of that scent. I told him next time to ask me because there was a more neutral scent that he could have had instead of the really nice smelling one for women. I had 5 scents opened in the bathroom and he had to take one of my favorites. Oh well,  what can I do? I’m not going to drive back over there to take it off him. It was close to empty anyway. 

When I’m done writing this I’m making tacos for dinner. I’m hungry and they sure sound good about now. Afterwards I’ll probably run the vacuum and watch some more TV… Iron Chef America til I go up to read in awhile. Speaking of reading I was so caught off guard last night. The book I was reading is the I think 4th in the series and it’s a detective thriller. In all the previous books you get to know all about the detectives family. She’s in an unhappy marriage, about to move out and divorce her husband and she had 2 kids,  a 17 yr old Son and 14 yr old daughter. The daughter ends up targeted by the serial killer she’s hunting and she’s lead on a chase to find her daughter before it’s too late. I figured they’d find her daughter still alive and just scared as the author had done that somewhat in the 2nd or 3rd book. I was so wrong! She finds her murdered in the same way all the other kids were murdered. I seriously cried! It’s far from the first time I’ve cried at a book but this time I really was shocked. I didn’t see it coming! I was thinking of my own daughter when she was that age and I would have never recovered had something like that happened to her. It was hard enough when she was that age and she went out on her mountain bike in her dad’s neighborhood and decided to try and talk on her cell phone while riding. She hit a bump and her phone fell out of her hand and without thinking she reached for it with her other hand, but another bump and fell from feet bike cracking her skull open on the side of the road. An older couple walking by found her barely conscious and called the police and ambulance. They managed to get her dad’s phone number from her before she lost consciousness. We rushed to the hospital and she was bleeding out her head and both ears, was in a neck brace and all cut up. I was so scared! She ended up with a concussion, cracked skull and it jarred the bone in her one ear perfrating her ear drum. She lost all hearing in that one ear. I was so happy it wasn’t worse and it scared me horribly because my youngest brother fell and cracked his skull open when he was little and needed 2 brain surgeries. That’s what I though she was headed for and I remembered my brother almost not making it and thought I was going to lose my daughter.  Can’t believe that was 10 years ago now!

Anyway, that’s enough for today… I’m hungry so off to cook dinner!

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3 weeks ago

You gmhave such an amazing heart!