New Years Resolutions

I usually don’t make New Years resolutions but decided to this year. As I was telling Celestial Flutter I made 3 resolutions. 1.) I resolve to be skittles more strict on my eating healthy lifestyle. I started out real strong and have been still losing weight monthly but I’m not losing a much as I had when I started out. I only lost 1.5 lbs this last month. I think alot of it had to do with the holidays the last couple months but also I have been letting other people encourage me to eat what they’re making or buying for dinner. I need to decline them and just bring my own food even when they want to buy me yummy Olive Garden. So starting today In going to do better, get back to how I was in the beginning when I made this choice to be healthier. 2.) I’m going to try to put away more money each month. I splurged with the holidays and didn’t put anything into savings the last few months because of gift giving. Starting my next payday I resolve to put at least $100 into savings every payday. And 3.) Despite saving more money I resolve to do something nice for myself at least once a month. Whether it be going back to my favorite hairstylist or buying a few things from my stitch fix… it’ll be something good to make me happy with myself. I restarted my Stitch Fix subscription monthly. I had it set to let me decide when I wanted a fix and haven’t had one in several months or so. Instead when I needed clothing I just chose pieces on their website for myself and bought them that way. However it’s so much fun to just get surprised with their picks for me when they send a fix so I look forward to seeing what they send each month this year. I signed up for their Style Pass. I also looked up my old hairstylist trying to see where he’s working or if now. He’s expensive but he does amazing work. If I can find him I will start going back to him again. 

Onto what’s been going on….I visited with my kids once they got back from Tennessee. I gave them their Christmas and Birthday gifts even though their birthdays aren’t for another couple weeks. They lived everything I got them. My daughter collects Horror coffee mugs, like homemade ones that are expensive. I found one that is Pennywises nose and mouth with sharp teeth but it was in Russia. I took a chance and ordered it on Etsy. I was worried for a little while that it got lost because for 3 weeks my tracking didn’t update. Finally it started up again and it arrived the day my kids were coming to open presents. My daughter is scared of clowns but she LOVED the mug. For $100 she better, lol. My son wanted a massage gun so I got him a real good one with lots of attachments. Other than that they got a few other nice little things. Apparently they have a gift for me but it hasn’t arrived yet. I always tell them though that they don’t have to get me anything.  On my day off on the 3rd the three of us are going to dinner at B.J’s Brewhouse. It’s a bit expensive but has a great menu. It also has alot of lower calorie meals that look great. The last time I was there I loved what I got. 

For New Years Day Marty wanted me to make him kielbasa and saurkrout and to buy some potatoe rolls so I have had that going in the crock pot since this morning. I dropped the rolls at his house yesterday. Of course Lilly won’t eat the kielbasa if it’s been in saurkrout so I have to cook hers separately later while at work. Marty is nervous because Lilly is nonstop talking wedding and what they need to do, where she wants to do things, etc… and recently he talked to his attorney that handles his trust from his aunt and he told the attorney that he was getting married in October. She told him that according to the trust his aunt specified that if he should marry he has to get a prenuptial agreement. He’s afraid to tell Lilly, afraid she’ll see it as him not trusting him. I told him to just tell her like he told me, that his aunt made it a rule. She was worth ALOT of money before she died and left it all in a trust to Marty with that specification. She shouldn’t get mad at that. Her father made a comment to him on Christmas that he hopes it works out with them because if it doesn’t his daughter will take half of everything. So now Marty wants not only the trust specified in the prenup but also wants everything of his… savings, stocks, house, etc… in it. I think he should. She wouldn’t hesitate to take all she could if things go sideways.  Also, Lilly has been bugging him about getting a dog. He was afraid to tell her no so he kept saying if they found the right one then maybe. Well she found the right one,  a 7wk old black lab puppy. He agreed to allow her to get it for his house. I think it’s an awful idea. She won’t be around to take care of it all the time and he sure as hell can’t do anything. And his son is a MAJOR germophobe. He won’t take care of it or clean up after it. Marty’s stressed over it but he does this to himself. I don’t feel sorry for him. 

Anyway, I have to go switch laundry loads and do my dishes before going to work today. Take care my friends! And Happy New Year to you all!!

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January 1, 2022


January 1, 2022

Love the goals. Your Christmas gifts to your kids sound wonderful. As for kielbasa, the best way to cook it is in saurkraut then eaten on a hot dog roll piled with kraut. Happy new year!

January 1, 2022

It is so hard for me to not to want to swoop in and fix things in someone else’s life that are nothing to do with me. I read what you observe about Marty and just shake my head. You’re right — he gets himself into these situations. It’s hard to feel sorry for him but easy to feel frustrated!! Glad your kids liked the gifts. You’re doing great on your weight loss efforts. Slow and steady is best and is the healthiest and longest-lasting.

January 1, 2022

Wow! I like the idea of a Pennywise mug! I’d live off of coffee if I had one! I too hate clowns but wtf eh??? And I hate kielbasa… sauerkraut is yummy though.