Seasonal frustration

Have I said how much I dislike the winter? I really do! The worst part is the driving on the snow or ice covered roads. I try to avoid it whenever possible but I have to get to the store, my mom’s and to work often. When it got really bad the other day I managed to switch my day off and not go in that day. So now I have to work Thursday. Yesterday didn’t look any better but I couldn’t keep taking off work because of the weather. I braved the snow covered roads and boy were they covered alright! It took longer to get to work. Where it was 35mph I could only do 15 to 20mph and where it was 55mph I could only get up to 35mph. Marty’s road and the one leading to it were the worst of all of them and they have a ditch on both sides of the road. I was so afraid of sliding and ending up in a ditch. I just took them as carefully as possible and did make it to work. While there I was really worried because the snow kept really coming down and I was afraid the roads would be even worse. Luckily the snow stopped and the temp went up making all the roads except for Marty’s 2 roads pretty clear, mostly just wet. I made it home very easily!

The other concern of mine this time of year is keeping my driveway cleared and the walkway for the mailman. Luckily my brother brings his plow through when it gets real deep but other than that it has always been left to me to do all the shoveling. However my neighbor 2 doors down has been really keeping it up. He shovels just about everyday and he even clears an area around my car so I don’t have to step in all the snow when cleaning off my car. He was out there at 7am today shoveling and salting my whole driveway and walkway as well as the walkway alongside my house that leads to my back porch. I sent him $40 the other day as a thank you!

I’m doing very well this month with my healthy eating. I haven’t splurged really on anything except one day I had a can of Dr Pepper and one other day I was drinking vodka cranberries with Marty. I just don’t feel like I’ve lost anymore weight though and that’s frustrating because I’m eating so much better than I use to and rarely drink anything other than lemon water. 

Tonight is Tacos for dinner again. I used whole wheat tortillas and fat free refried beans along with the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. I also use sour cream but unfortunately I don’t like Lite or fat free sour cream but at least I don’t use a lot of it and I only eat 2 Tacos. Lately for lunch I’ve been eating a turkey and Swiss sandwich on wheat bread along with carrots sticks dipped in Lite ranch dressing and a lemon water. When I say lemon water I mean I squeeze and leave a chunk of lemon into the bottle of water. 

Well I guess that’s all for today. I have to get my bottles of water with lemon ready to take to work and get Tito ready to go work with me too. He loves going there but he gets so bored and lays down on an ottoman near the dining room to be close to me and Marty. He’s always very well behaved! Anyway… till next time my friends. Stay warm and safe!

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January 30, 2022

Glad you’re staying safe! 💜