Some wedding ideas

30 day challenge: day 16

Write a letter to someone not in your state or country. 

My letter will be to my Uncle Andy. He’s my favorite uncle. He lives in Florida and is disabled. He is almost completely blind now and has alot of heart problems. I haven’t seen him in years. 

Uncle Andy, 

I hope you are feeling well. I know you’ve been having alot of surgeries recently and I pray for you all the time. I’m so happy you have Joey there to help you with all of your appointments and transportation. He’s a great son! I love you and miss you and hope to one day be able to see you again. Take care and always keep us updated on how you’re doing. 


I talked to my daughter yesterday when she stopped over to pick up her early birthday gift. She said that they started making some wedding plans. They’re going to get married first weekend of October 2022. They want a sunset wedding so the reception or party will be the following day. Her wedding party is small, just 2 bridesmaids and groomsmen. She wants a black wedding dress but if she can’t find one she’s going to do an off white or something. They’re not doing a traditional wedding. They are not the traditional type. They’re going to have a red velvet cake and maybe pie because her fiance prefers pie. I saw her engagement ring and it’s done in all black with a black stone with skulls on either side of the stone. Nothing I’d like but it fits her to a T. She loves skulls and collects alot of them. So far that’s all that I know. 

My daughter loved her new weighed blanket. She was raving about it last night and said though her fiance didn’t want one and didn’t think he’d like it on the bed, he’s trying to steal it from her. So that’s a good thing since it’s going on their bed. She also asked if she could borrow my car all day today. I told her I needed to go grocery shopping because I’d let her. I explained I’m out of dinner foods and can’t afford to keep eating out. So she offered to pay for my dinner these next 2 nights so she can keep the car til Wed. She gave me her login to Doordash so I can just order my dinner on get account/card. So I said ok and gave her the car. 

Last night I ordered in and had Peach Chutney Chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and mac n cheese. Then a slice of cherry pie. I couldn’t eat the pie after dinner. I was so full! So I ate it for breakfast this morning since I’m now out of my bagels. Not sure what I’m going to have tonight yet. 

Anyway that’s all for today. Have a good day everyone!

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3 weeks ago

You write the coolest letters

3 weeks ago

I hate to run out of bagels.  I wish I could keep my letters short like yours.  I am chatty in life so can’t help but do that in my letters.  ha ha 😎

3 weeks ago

I always buy two of most things so I won’t run out, like two loves of bread and two packages of bagels and more when they are on sale and I always try to do the unit price thing. I know some things come in larger packages but at least I won’t run out.

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I buy 5 pks of bagels to get through the whole month. I’m only out of them because usually I’ve already gone grocery shopping by mow. I’m going later than usual because of my daughter borrowing my car.

3 weeks ago


well you could drive her to work and pick her up so you can do the grocery shopping or do it on line?  Stupid question? How does her significant other get places? does he have a car or does he take the bus?

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone She works over an hour away from here so no I can’t take her to work and keep the car. Her fiance has a vehicle and uses it to get to and from school and work. She usually has a vehicle but something happened to it that can’t be fixed yet if at all. 

3 weeks ago

Just try buying more at once next time i think that would help.

3 weeks ago

Fall weddings are beautiful.

The weighted blanket sounds like a hit! 😊